Thursday, March 31, 2011

More pink and green

I've always been a big fan of pink, but it's ironic that lately many of my projects seem to be pink and green.  It's not intentional, just kindof turns out that way.  So my subconscience knows I like the colors together, but my consience is was unaware?  Who knows, but here's the latest.

It all started with the package from Marlene a month or so ago.  She's an expert knitter, and says she's just not quilting much anymore.  So she passes things along to me, I can take that!  =)  Anyway, she stuck in 5 FQ's that I absolutley love!  I'm not sure what the line is called, but they are very nice Michael Miller fabrics.
I went through my stash, and found these that go quite nicely.  The darker greens are FQ's also, so don't add much yardage...
But add some white, and we're getting quite a collection!
I made a bunch of blocks like I used in this quilt, but the center squares are 5inches and the outer strips are 3inches.  Same effect; but much less work, thread, and time!  Plus it will be easier once I start sewing blocks together, not so many of them.  I'm thinking this will be a twin-size for the sewing room fold-up guest bed, but not sure yet.
Added some of the white-border blocks, but I ran out of white.  It's quite frustrating to live so far from the fabric stores, you really have to plan your projects!  I'm more of the random type of quilter, just start cutting and see what happens.  Planning would be good for me, guess I need to work on that.
I also found these pieces in my scrap bins, most of them came from Moda's "Strawberry Lemonade" line, and some from their "All you need is love".  It's kindof an orangish-pink, but they all seem to be working together.  Funny how that works, when you have quite a bit of stash you like- it all seems to somewhat go together.
My favorite piece from the Strawberry Lemonade was the pink with berries- and I found a small strip of that to add to the scrap pile.  I'm planning a doll or baby quilt with them, and I'm almost more excited about that than I am about the bed quilt!  =)
This is the well-loved doll size quilt I made for Breanna a few years ago.  I wish I could "grow" this to bed-size!  =)
It was actually made from the scraps of this crib/toddler-bed size quilt I made with my first Jelly Roll.  I love how it turned out, but it was finished about the time I found out Levi was going to be a boy.  And then we had another boy.  I was excited to think maybe we could use it for the new baby if it was a girl, but it looks like it will be used for something else.  Maybe the sewing room wall?
Back to the pink and green, I got some coordinating prints to use for binding, borders, and to make some more blocks.
Now I've got quite a few blocks, but need quite a few more.  I also ran out of white thread, guess I have been sewing a lot lately!
What are you working on?  Do you get stuck on certain colors?


KatieB said...

Wow! You do good work! I love the little doll quilt, the jelly roll quilt, the pink/green one your working on now...everything!

Since you asked, I just (like ten minutes ago) finished a little 12-18 month dress for a friend's little girl, I'm starting a tiny little monkey quilt for a stuffed monkey at the library (strange, I know...see my blog next week for it all to make sense!), and I've got a lot more piled up. What I really need to be doing, though, is making cards. Hmmmm...not enough extra hours in the day! :)

notes of sincerity said...

Oh how pretty! I love your pink and green quilt you are making and your doll quilt is just adorable. :o)
I lean toward red and blue for some reason. :o) However I have a pink and green quilt cut out and just waiting to be sewn together. :o)
Have a great weekend.
Sincerely, Trish

Shay said...

I love pinks and greens together. Your scrap pile reminds me of a Riley Blake Line I bought late last year (Quite Contrary ) that I fell in love with .

Love what you're doing with your stash!Those blocks are gorgeous!