Thursday, March 31, 2011


When I was growing up I loved to read books.  Now with a limited amount of spare time, that's changed.  If I have a moment, I want to do or make something, not just get more head knowledge.  Unless.... it's a quilt book.  =)

My mother-in-law sent this last month, and it's quite fascinating. 
Marlene gave this to me when we lived in Alaska.
I saw this pattern in it and decided it would be good for my sister.
She agreed; and with a few modifications, this is what she got. She'd made a dress from the fabric so I knew she liked it, and I made a pattern for the flounce instead of a ruffle.
Beth had a give-away here, in which I won this fun book!  It's very interesting; explains ideas of creative women about a century ago, and how their ideas related to modern creative women.  Not what I would have normally bought (I thought it was more of a pattern book), but I was impressed!
Not really a book, but this pattern is one Marlene also sent me recently.
And all the fabric to make it queen-size!  She got it awhile back and decided she'd never finish it- so passed it along to me.  It looks like a very pretty & quick pattern, would even be fun to scale it down to doll size.
Speaking of things one likes to do, Levi is obsessed with puzzles.  We're getting quite the collection of them in the game closet, it's wonderful for cold rainy days.
And of course, colloring.
One thing I gave up long ago when I decided quilting was all I had time for, was knitting.  With kids you can't do it all, and I decided quilting was what I enjoyed most.  However, when one dear friend heard about the miscarriage, she knitted me a pair of wool slippers!  They still need to be felted down, but I don't have a top-loading washer so will have to do them somewhere else.  My last pair that Marlene made now have holes in the soles, from being loved so much.  These bright new ones will be so fun next fall and winter!
And that's all for now folks!

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Shay said...

There's something so thrilling about craft books isnt there Lisa.

Your sister's apron worked out beautifully.

Cute slippers!