Thursday, May 9, 2013

Laminated Cotton

I have been "playing" with this wonderful new cloth, Laminated Cotton.  It's awesome for purses, because they don't get stained!  A damp cloth wipes off soiled spots.
It's very interesting to work with, because you can't use pins.  Well you can very carefully, if you make sure they are right at the edge and narrower than the seam.
But the outcome is so nice!

I stayed up way too late working on this order, so they could be mailed out in time for Mother's Day.  What a treat someone's mothers are going to get!

They are identical, except for the lining- wich is the same color, but a slightly different print.

Side by side.

You may have noticed that I don't update this blog too much, but if you'd like more current photos, please check out my business page on Facebook.
The link is HERE.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Realized I've been posting so many pics on facebook, but ignoring my blog!  If you'd like to see what you've missed, check out Calicos In Bloom on FaceBook.

We had no school on Monday because of the end-of-quarter, 
so the kids decided to sleep in the living room.
Can't have too many quilts in this house!

Reading stories.

This is the kind of thing it was doing on Monday:

So we decided hot-chocolate sounded good after getting cold outside.

I realized we didn't have any marshmallows left..... but we did have Lucky Charms! :)

Add chocolate....

And enjoy!

And here's what we had this morning.
Waiting for the bus.

"Two Fabric" Quilt

I was asked today if I had any patterns for a quilt made from two fabrics.  Here are some pics of quilt ideas that would work!

This zig-zag quilt was made with many, but looks awesome with just two.  You sew strips together & then cut them into blocks for the rows, so it's actually much simpler & faster if you only have 2 fabrics.  The strips can be cut any width, which changes the size of the zig-zags.

Something like this would work if you alternating blocks; Fabric #1 as center & outside on one block (with Fabric #2 between), and other blocks would have Fabric #2 as center and outside, with Fabric #1 between.  Does that make sense?

This is another example of the zig-zag quilt, with much wider strips; made from clothes of a friend who passed away. (Great memory quilt!)

Here's one I made with multiple fabrics also, but would look nice with just 2.
It's an alternate form of the log-cabin block.

And another.

I found this one HERE.

And of course, the Irish Chain is always fun!
Image of Irish Chain Quilt Grid

Hmmm, now I'm scheming; I have LOTS of two-fabrics that go together, what fun!
I really need to keep on track and finish up other projects before begining new.

Do you have any suggestions for simple quilts from only 2 fabrics?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My First Pattern

I just posted my very first sewing pattern on etsy!  Now that I've figured it out, I'm hoping to post more of them.  Check it out: it's for the Quitled Purse, $8, free shipping (PDF).
Once again; thanks for stopping by, and have a great evening!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Twister Pot-Holders

I've had these twister quilt blocks in my stash for over a year now, finally made them into pot-holders!  I gave 8 of them away in a drawing on my Facebook Business Page.
The backs.
Somehow I missed this one in the line-up.

That's all folks!
Been sewing like crazy to get orders finished, and these were a fun & cheerful, springy project.
It feels so good to get WIP's out of the way, so one can enjoy the new projects!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Twirly Tumbler Skirt (Upcycled)

Made another skirt from recycled jeans, and tumbler quilt blocks.  
Completely not my normal color/style scheme, but I LOVE how it turned out!
Have some left, might have to make one for me. ;)

Size 6 Levi's white-denim jeans with adjustable waist.

Very full, perfect for twirling!

Personalized Children's Bible-Bag/Purse

This was a custom order from a good friend, and I love how it turned out!

It's for her sister's 4th Birthday.

Magnetic closure and inside pockets.

Coordinating fabric flower is removable for washing.

These are available for $30, see my Facebook Page to place an order.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tiered Skirt Tutorial

I was recently asked how to make a tiered skirt like the green & pink bicycle one I made for my daughter, so here's a tutorial that will hopefully get the idea across.  I like to sew-as-I-go, so ask if you have any questions or I didn't make something clear enough! :)

I had 4 fabrics; so sewed the strips together to get the maximum lengths, then cut them to "stair-step" lengths.  The first/top layer is about 3 inches longer than the waist measurement.  The bottom layer is the longest piece of fabric.  Since I was making 2 skirts, I divided my fabrics in half before starting.

For just a few layers, you might want to make a big "difference" in the stair-steps, to get it plenty ruffly.  If there will be lots of layers (example: if you are using a jelly-roll or 2.5 inch strips and will have 8-10 layers): you want enough difference that there will be some ruffling, but too much will result in a bottom layer that is too ruffly/full.  Completely confused yet?  Hopefully the picture helps some.

Next sew each strip into a circle, with right sides together, and iron seams open.  I begin by heming the bottom layer, then ruffling the top of all layers (excluding the top layer).
Ruffle each layer to the layer above, and serge or zig-zag the edge of your seams.  This is very important for 2 reasons.  First of all, your 1/4 inch seam won't last very long- and the skirt will fall apart, if all the threads come loose.  Second of all, when you wash the skirt- the edges will start to fray, and whomever is wearing the skirt will be irritated by the "strings" hanging all over and tickling.  A serger is not necessary, and I've often used the zig-zag stitch myself.  Either makes it look professional, and will last better than plain seams.

Another very important tip, is to use your iron.  I strongly dislike having to iron laundry, but I always get out the iron when sewing.  If you press seams flat as you go, it makes it look professionally finished, and also helps with accuracy!  It's much easier to match up seams that have been pressed.

The inside, once all seams have been gathered & finished.

For the waist, finish the top edge, turn down enough to cover your elastic, and sew a casing to fit the elastic. Pull elastic through casing, check for snug fit, and sew closed.

The hem was also finished before turning up.

And the end result.

Closer up.

When I finished there were some little pieces leftover, so I added some coordinating green polka-dots and made matching dolly skirts!

What fun, think I like the doll skirts even better!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Springy & Bright Tumblers

Once again, barely squeaking by for Finish-It-Up-Friday, with Crazy Mom Quilts.

I had some 4-inch strips left from the twirly skirt, so cut them into some 4-inch tumbler blocks.

Perfect size for a table runner!

Fun with black & white.

Very cheerful spring colors.

I like this picture, but obviously had a setting wrong for outside- it looks a little washed out.

All rolled up.

With the rest of the tiny scraps, I made a coordinating pot-holder.

Just happened to have matching fabrics for the backing and binding in my stash, and big enough scraps of batting; so handy!

Realized I never posted about the twirly skirt, so here it is:

Five different prints cut into 6.5 inch tumbler blocks, for Breanna.

Look at all those ruffles, it's awesome for twirling!
I thought it would be a nice & quick project, but it didn't turn out that way.  I love the way it turned out, though, so worth it.  There are 70 tumbler blocks in all!  I serged them as I went- so it will wash & wear well- no fraying.

Now off to bed at 9:15 on Friday night.  Yup, must be getting old.  But, it will make it much easier to get up tomorrow and get lots of things accomplished!

Have a great weekend!