Saturday, May 8, 2010

When the weather is nice.....

 Lately I haven't been sewing hardley at all.  Here is why!

This (shed):
plus this:
and this:
is this:
It hadn't been painted right originally, and soaked up 3 gallons of the first green we got!  We decided to go darker, and like it much better.

Now we're getting ready for more dark paint, and to add this:
and this:

and this:
(it's amazing how much trim was on that little shed!
We're also adding a covered area at one end of the shed, and correcting the poorly-built roof to extend over the side walls, and eventually new shingling.

We also took this:

minus this:
to get this:
Eventually all that will be replaced, but for now it's a great place for painting trim!

Today we are working on this:
minus this:

and these:
(when the new ones arrive)

plus these:
and this:
and some more of this:
and this:

and eventually shingles too; which means you won't recognize our house from the outside soon!  =)

Hopefully, these will survive the ordeal:

Almost forgot; although this:
is good for things like this:
We are looking forward to replacing it with a pretty little covered porch!

We bought this house a year ago, and have spent the past year on completely renovating the inside.  This summer we're working on the outside, and eventually doing lots of excavating too.  I'm so excited for the new look, that sewing has become not so exciting for the time being!  =)