Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flour-sack aprons.

I'm not sure on the turn-out of the aprons, but I was having trouble coming up with ideas.
The first one, I added some fabric; she wants the bib-style.
She gave me a second flour-sack to use,  so I tried the basic.  There's not a lot of fabric, and the print isn't centered; so it's a bit of a challenge.
Let me know if you see one somewhere that is cute!
The kitty is VERY popular today, with all of the kids.
I was sewing and heard Andy coming down the hall saying "carry it!", and knew what I was going to see.

They say the kids holding & playing with them a lot is good, this kitty sure gets that! He seems to love all the attention.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Breanna's new friend

Tonight we went to some friends' house to play volleyball, and came home with a new friend for Breanna!  She also got to ride a horse (sorry, no photos), so said she feels like a very lucky girl today.
From all appearances, she's going to make a good little mommy!
Checking out the claws.
Bright eyes.

She really wanted to have the clock from her room for the kitty to sleep with, because Heidi said it sounds like the mother's heart-beat.
She says she wants to name him Harry, "because he's black and white, with spots, like the dog in the books/videos she likes at school."
Looks like he'll be well taken care of.  And fun entertainment for the summer!

Summer Break

Breanna finished school last week.
She loved it, and especially with the help of her incredible teacher, Mrs. Anderson.
She is wishing she would decide to teach first grade next year. =)

Here are a few pics of the past week:
Sweet little "boots" boy.
Checking to see if the alfalfa is dry enough to bale in the morning.
Running through the fields.
We sure do love this place!
We had a wonderful time in Idaho, but I didn't take many pictures.  A few of the kids at convention.
Mommy's sweethearts, we missed Daddy on Father's Day.
With Grandma.
We had a wonderful time, but the kids were so happy to be home again, too.
Making sure the mud still works.
Trying to be as tall as Levi?
We got home yesterday afternoon, and all I wanted to do was have a nap.  I stuck Andy in bed, told the kids to play quietly, and got to do just that.
When I woke up, the door was open- Levi had snuck in with these pretty flowers that he said he thought I'd like.  He's a little sweetie, with a great role model (daddy).
Barb, who made me the felted wool slippers, asked if I'd make her an apron out of this flour sack from a friend who got it while traveling.
Just before leaving, I made this quilted tote.
Various aqua prints, and a few khaki's.  I love these colors!
Reminds me of the beach.

I'm planning to make my first circle quilt out of these same fabrics.
But first, I need to finish up some "have-to" projects.  And the house is finally in order, and the laundry done; so I can actually enjoy sewing, guilt-free!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cleaning, organizing, and productivity

My sewing room has been far past what one would call "messy", mostly because I'm always in hurry trying to get things done.  So I don't take the time to clean up, just hurry on with the next thing.  It got to the point that I couldn't get much done, though, and looking in the door made me want to stay away, so I spent a couple days last week cleaning & sorting & organizing.
The kids like to look through the scrap bins, and bring quite a few toys along...
I was starting to think I was running low on fabric...
Hard to see what you've got in all that!
Wow..... there is a table under there!  =)  It's not spotless, but those are the current projects.  I am about productivity, after all, not just keeping things perfect.
Wow, guess I do have some fabrics left!  =)
Makes me want to get quilting!
This came in the mail yesterday, you have no idea how hard it was to ignore!  I want to learn to make circle quilts, but it takes this template.  I got inspired by this quilt.
Yesterday evening I sewed 3 skirts for myself, and one for Breanna (I stayed up way too late- that's the most productive sewing time!); today hoping for some more for Breanna.  I've been shopping a LOT, without much luck, so decided to hit the fabric store instead.  If only shirts were as easy to make as skirts!  When you have to adjust for unique body proportions, and height, it makes the process seem so difficult.  I've got one cut out, we'll see how that goes.  If I ever do come up with a good pattern, I'm going to wear it out!
Off with the kids to Idaho tomorrow, but when I come back next week.... I'm hoping to see some circles.  And now that my sewing room is cleaned up, I can find things!  =)

Farm Kids

These boys both love their John Deere shirts.
Bare Feet.
Being silly
Flowers Breanna picked.
Levi has learned to ride a bike without training wheels!  I think we'll be taking the training wheels off his good bike now, he's hooked!
Still working on stopping without falling, but he is so excited!
I think the best entertainment you can get a kid, is a bike.  Hours of fun and exercise!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My little helper, and Cathy's Quilted Tote

Today while I mowed the lawn, I remembered to take the camera along.  A couple years ago we found this toy lawn mower at the second-hand store, and the kids have always loved it.
And it adds some interest to lawn-mowing, to see this cute little guy running along beside me!  =)

Today I made a quilted tote for Cathy, she picked pinks and greens.  What do you think?  If you want me to try something different, just say so, because Breanna says she'd take it if you don't.  =)

The lining.
Today I made a list of everything I need to get done, because there seems to be a lot.  But these little projects are really fun.  Summer has been very busy, and I'm not sure I will get as much sewing done in the next few months!  Breanna's last day of school is next Tuesday, and we are all excited.