Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Realized I've been posting so many pics on facebook, but ignoring my blog!  If you'd like to see what you've missed, check out Calicos In Bloom on FaceBook.

We had no school on Monday because of the end-of-quarter, 
so the kids decided to sleep in the living room.
Can't have too many quilts in this house!

Reading stories.

This is the kind of thing it was doing on Monday:

So we decided hot-chocolate sounded good after getting cold outside.

I realized we didn't have any marshmallows left..... but we did have Lucky Charms! :)

Add chocolate....

And enjoy!

And here's what we had this morning.
Waiting for the bus.

"Two Fabric" Quilt

I was asked today if I had any patterns for a quilt made from two fabrics.  Here are some pics of quilt ideas that would work!

This zig-zag quilt was made with many, but looks awesome with just two.  You sew strips together & then cut them into blocks for the rows, so it's actually much simpler & faster if you only have 2 fabrics.  The strips can be cut any width, which changes the size of the zig-zags.

Something like this would work if you alternating blocks; Fabric #1 as center & outside on one block (with Fabric #2 between), and other blocks would have Fabric #2 as center and outside, with Fabric #1 between.  Does that make sense?

This is another example of the zig-zag quilt, with much wider strips; made from clothes of a friend who passed away. (Great memory quilt!)

Here's one I made with multiple fabrics also, but would look nice with just 2.
It's an alternate form of the log-cabin block.

And another.

I found this one HERE.

And of course, the Irish Chain is always fun!
Image of Irish Chain Quilt Grid

Hmmm, now I'm scheming; I have LOTS of two-fabrics that go together, what fun!
I really need to keep on track and finish up other projects before begining new.

Do you have any suggestions for simple quilts from only 2 fabrics?