Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting there....

We are slowly but surely, getting closer to finished with the remodel.  Carpet is ordered, but will be about 3 weeks; which is actually good timing for finishing up the reading loft above the laundry, etc.

A glimpse.

The other side.

The laundry area.  See.... we need those 3 weeks.

A popular friend.

Charlie is growing up so fast, not to mention- those kids!!

Busy house-hold here, blogging has been ignored.  I have a medical procedure tomorrow, then company tomorrow night.... so better get to bed.  Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bonus Room

The guy who was taping and texturing the garage just finished and left..... we now have a 500+ sq. ft. bonus room (which is of course going to be occupied partly by the quilting machine)...... I'm bouncing off the walls!  Not really, but extremely excited.  He said we can prime on Wednesday, and then paint.  Tomorrow may be one of the longest Tuesdays in my life!  =)  Pictures coming when there is some paint.

This is what we had before he begun.
All the cupboards got moved up, and it makes it feel so much more open and HUGE!  Our house if not very big, so I am very excited to have space to put everything away.  I'm sure I'll become an excellent house-keeper overnight, don't you think? ;)