Thursday, December 29, 2011

Log Cabin Scrappy Table Runner

I just finished this fun little table-runner for our table, and I love the rich colors!
(although I'm still missing my Kodak camera..... it took great pictures so effortlessly!  These pics look very pale compared to reality.)
 I used a bunch of coordinating 1.25 inch strips from an RJR Fabrics line called Charlotte.

 A leafy khaki print for the back, and pieced red binding.  I'm planning on red curtains, so hope this will accent them a bit.

I did a small stipple in the center, and leaves around the border.
Perfect for hot things on the table, without using 5 hotpads!

Stars and Stripes for Allen

You'd think after having the quilting machine setup for a couple weeks now, I'd have a nice big pile of quilted projects.  You'd think.  I've had a few hang-ups, tho, so I've not made the progress I'd hoped for.

The first project I quilted, was this star quilt for Allen.  I did photos quick before getting it ready to mail, and they didn't turn out great- but they give you an idea.
 I wish I had help with the photos, the colors really are so beautiful on this one!
 I did an allover stippling, my favorite because of the texture it gives when washed.
 The backing is minkie/minky (how do you spell it?), and it is soooo soft!
The binding is soft too, made of a darker blue variegated flannel.
Allen is currently in the hospital, and his mother said he loves the quilt.
Thank you, Allen, for your service to our country.... and sure thinking of you and your family.

I actually finished the quilt-top, and then was waiting to get the quilting machine set up.  Once it was set up, I couldn't find the minkie backing I'd purchased for it!  When I finally found it, and got it all pinned on the machine; I couldn't find the needles!  Somehow in the move, the needle had gotten broken, and I couldn't find the stash of them I had.  No problem, ordinarily, except that the store which sells them is over an hour away, and they were about to close!  Soooo...... I drove down the next day and bought some new needles, and came home to finish it.  I also don't seem to have very good luck with applique, so "Allen" didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, and it also tested my patience.  Maybe I need a good tutorial on the process, and maybe it just isn't my type of quilting.  But I do like the effect it gave this quilt!  I do sometimes struggle with minkie backing, because it is stretchy.  This time I turned the grain the other way, though, and it helped tremendously!  Miraculously, the backing is perfect without even the tiniest wrinkle.

I've got some other things to show you, but no photos, so you'll have to be patient.  With the holidays, and the busyness of life; we always seem to be at a dead-run here!  I also ran out of thread while working on quilting a baby-quilt..... if I'd known I'd used another color!  So that one came off the machine, and I'll have to get more thread to finish.  This just isn't my lucky month, I guess?  But we are all healthy and happy, so that's a good thing.  Happy New Year to you all!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today, things changed.  Big time!  I was getting ready for company, and had decided to move some beds around.  Breanna had the queen bed in her room, but was really wanting the twin back.  Levi, used to the queen at the old house, was eager to get it back.  The setup will work better for our company, so I did the switch.  Once I got Breanna's room all setup, I really liked it.  However, there was a "blank" space that I decided needed another twin bed for when friends come.  After walking past the room a couple times while doing laundry, I got this crazy thought.  If there's all that empty space and we don't have another twin bed yet...... I should set up just 2 sections of the quilting table in there!!"
Bang, the rest is history.  Levi was a great helper with the setup, and Daddy helped me level all the feet.  Can you believe it?  I can't!!!
 Because those tubs fit nicely underneath the table, my "sewing room" emptied out a bit.  It's quite "pile-fashion", but at least you can walk through there!  I should have taken some "before" pictures.
And the washing machine is out of there now too- in the garage in it's final intended space!  (pics later, the laundry area isn't quite finished).
Tomorrow I need to get my chores done fast so I can get to work on some quilting!!

Breanna is very excited to have her bed back, and told me quite a few times that "It's fun to have a sewing room bedroom".  So glad, because I am ecstatic about the new possibilities!  Of course, when the garage is finished, it will go out there; but in the mean time, I can quilt!
This is for you, Bet; she loves reading your "Little Lulu" while wearing the tutu you sent.  Perfect, now it sounds like you'll have to ship Orianna out for the holiday- so they can share their ballerina fetish.

On a more somber note, we lost two dear people today.  Our sweet friend, Sylvia (remember this quilt?), has been battling breast cancer fore more than 20 years.  Uncle Phil, was a kind man who was my Aunt's other-half, and shared a birthday with Levi.  Both will be missed so much.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Waiting for the mail...

So I was probably bad, but hey- who can pass up such a good deal?  I've been eyeing the AccuQuilt Go! cutting system since I saw it, but it all seemed so pricey and unnecessary.  Until yesterday, when I noticed that it was only $74.98 at!  Better yet, if you signed up for the visa.... you got an instant $40 off your purchase.... PLUS there's free shipping.... duh!  So I paid only $34.98 for something that would normally cost $139.99.  This is the "baby" version, since I decided it was WAY cheaper, and I want to use it for smaller scrap quilts.

But, there's a hitch.... then you have to buy the "die" cutting shapes.  But I found some on, once again- free shipping, and now I'm set.  Except now that I've spent the money.... I don't want to wait the week or so for all of it to get here in the mail!  Patience is a virtue.... hmm.

This die for making quarter-circle blocks is very exciting!  The brown and aqua quilt I made for the fair was very pretty, but cutting all these shapes took sooooo much time.  This will make much smaller circles, perfect for smaller projects.  Or for larger projects when I have a lot of patience on hand.
 This tumbler block die will be great for using up small scraps.

Did anyone else notice that my quilt photo at the top shrunk?  Like majorly?  Wierd, may have to do with the fact that 3 small pairs of hands sometimes manipulate the laptop here?  Will have to keep a closer watch on that.
I've been wanting to update the "look" of my blog for awhile now, guess I'll have to get some quilts finished up and good pictures taken.... oh wait- that would mean the quilting machine would need set up!  Do you have any clue how much room it takes?  About 13 feet long, 5 feet deep..... yeah, it's a mammoth.  I did put the table together in the garage (which isn't finished at all), but am afraid to put the machine on it when there isn't really a good place ready.  For some reason small children like the idea of climbing on large things, hanging from the bars..... you get my drift.

I do have some small projects that I need to work on, but am getting tired of digging thru boxes to find the various things I need.  I've been working on painting and finishing up parts of the house.... just really missing sewing.  Don't know if you even wanted to hear all this, but that is what is going on at our place now.  There are also some cute kids that are very excited about the recent snow, and kitten!
Ok, I'll stop for now. ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Window and a pantry door!

It's the end of the day, time to head off to bed; and what progress!  One door is completely removed, the window framed in, and I am excited!

The man at work:
From the inside.
The other will come next week, I can hardley wait.  We have some special company that will be visiting from Alaska, so hope to have the room ready for them to use.  Maybe.  ;)

We also put the pantry doors back up, and some floor trim; they make the space feel so much nicer (and hide the pantry mess)!  When considering colors for the kitchen, I worried that the blue might be too dark.  I really like it now, though, so cheerful!
 This is a fun little shelf that my friend Sheri made me in Alaska.  It was from some of our wedding dishes that gotten broken, and I love it with the blue!

Perfect spot for hanging aprons, Sheri!
(and the bowl works for spare keys we don't want to loose).
Off to bed, hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

(Rebekah: could you email me your mailing address, please?  Can't find you on FB anymore, and don't have it from before).

New Kitty and Garage Remodel

We got a new kitten last night, and the kids love him.
 Our project today, is removing the garage doors and replacing with windows; so the garage will be more house-space.  We're feeling cramped, and aren't used to having a garage anyway (plus Tyler's boss has a huge shop for working on vehicles).
What are you doing today?

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Have you found Pinterest yet?  It's a virtual pinboard, with lots of amazing crafty projects.  Get inspiration, keep a "file" of all your project ideas; all at  The only problem I noticed, is that if you sign up they take forever to send you an invitation.  But I was told that if someone invites you, you can get in right away.  So let me know if you are interested!  I've been spending a lot of time on there lately, since we've all been sick and don't have the energy to do much at all.  If you do have something you want to get done today...... don't go there.... it's definately a way to spend too much time if you aren't paying attention to the clock.  Set a timer and enjoy!  
Here is a link to my pinboards, let me know if it's not working.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Break Trip

After nine days and 2,384 miles, we are finally back at home.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving trip and saw lots of fun folks, but it sure is good to be back home again.

The washer is currently working on load number 4 (we are a little over half done), so I'm taking the time to go through my photos.  Looks like I didn't take too many, here goes.

On our way out of town, we took Grandpa Lee to the airport.  It sure was nice to have him for a week!

Breanna had her 7th birthday while we were gone, she was so excited to be able to celebrate with her friend Graciella.
 Auntie Anna made these fun cupcake toppers, and surprisingly- quite a few of them survived the plane-trip quite well!
 Where have the years gone?!?

We got to see quite a bit of family that we haven't seen in years, some Tyler had never met; and we all had fun.
 Kiera even came with Uncle Doug for a day.
When Breanna and Graciella were both 1 year old, we went to this same beach.
 The girls had so much fun together again, and it was a beautiful 78degrees!
 Sweet little feet.
 Daddy's boys.

 Lucas and Levi.

 This was Levi's first time to the ocean..... he loved building in the sand!

 Anna made these fun hooded-towels for the kids, they were very handy for the beach.
We drove up to San Simeon to see the Elephant Seals, there were lots!
 This guy was huge.

 These girls are inseparable.

Now back to the laundry.  

I painted the garage bathroom before leaving, and am excited about working more on the house.  For awhile I was worn out with working on it so much, but now I want to finish it up.  And I'm really excited about getting the quilting machine set up again!