Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Waiting for the mail...

So I was probably bad, but hey- who can pass up such a good deal?  I've been eyeing the AccuQuilt Go! cutting system since I saw it, but it all seemed so pricey and unnecessary.  Until yesterday, when I noticed that it was only $74.98 at Amazon.com!  Better yet, if you signed up for the amazon.com visa.... you got an instant $40 off your purchase.... PLUS there's free shipping.... duh!  So I paid only $34.98 for something that would normally cost $139.99.  This is the "baby" version, since I decided it was WAY cheaper, and I want to use it for smaller scrap quilts.

But, there's a hitch.... then you have to buy the "die" cutting shapes.  But I found some on ebay.com, once again- free shipping, and now I'm set.  Except now that I've spent the money.... I don't want to wait the week or so for all of it to get here in the mail!  Patience is a virtue.... hmm.

This die for making quarter-circle blocks is very exciting!  The brown and aqua quilt I made for the fair was very pretty, but cutting all these shapes took sooooo much time.  This will make much smaller circles, perfect for smaller projects.  Or for larger projects when I have a lot of patience on hand.
 This tumbler block die will be great for using up small scraps.

Did anyone else notice that my quilt photo at the top shrunk?  Like majorly?  Wierd, may have to do with the fact that 3 small pairs of hands sometimes manipulate the laptop here?  Will have to keep a closer watch on that.
I've been wanting to update the "look" of my blog for awhile now, guess I'll have to get some quilts finished up and good pictures taken.... oh wait- that would mean the quilting machine would need set up!  Do you have any clue how much room it takes?  About 13 feet long, 5 feet deep..... yeah, it's a mammoth.  I did put the table together in the garage (which isn't finished at all), but am afraid to put the machine on it when there isn't really a good place ready.  For some reason small children like the idea of climbing on large things, hanging from the bars..... you get my drift.

I do have some small projects that I need to work on, but am getting tired of digging thru boxes to find the various things I need.  I've been working on painting and finishing up parts of the house.... just really missing sewing.  Don't know if you even wanted to hear all this, but that is what is going on at our place now.  There are also some cute kids that are very excited about the recent snow, and kitten!
Ok, I'll stop for now. ;)


Leah S said...

Sigh... I hear you too well on how kids like to "handle" things we use. :)

Sarcastic Quilter said...

You WILL get there. Lol

In the meantime, I love the banner quilt and always smile when I see it.

Shay said...

It's a pretty complicated process to change a blog header...I wonder if Blogger is playing with your layout?

I have one of those Baby Go cutters and they are wonderful! Happy cutting Lisa !

Sue said...

I did notice the quilt picture was smaller. At first I thought it was my computer, but no not on my end. Love the new cutter and hope you have lots of fun with it.

You are one busy lady. You really do get a lot of things done in a short period of time.

Love the new kitty. Cute name of Charlie.