Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today, things changed.  Big time!  I was getting ready for company, and had decided to move some beds around.  Breanna had the queen bed in her room, but was really wanting the twin back.  Levi, used to the queen at the old house, was eager to get it back.  The setup will work better for our company, so I did the switch.  Once I got Breanna's room all setup, I really liked it.  However, there was a "blank" space that I decided needed another twin bed for when friends come.  After walking past the room a couple times while doing laundry, I got this crazy thought.  If there's all that empty space and we don't have another twin bed yet...... I should set up just 2 sections of the quilting table in there!!"
Bang, the rest is history.  Levi was a great helper with the setup, and Daddy helped me level all the feet.  Can you believe it?  I can't!!!
 Because those tubs fit nicely underneath the table, my "sewing room" emptied out a bit.  It's quite "pile-fashion", but at least you can walk through there!  I should have taken some "before" pictures.
And the washing machine is out of there now too- in the garage in it's final intended space!  (pics later, the laundry area isn't quite finished).
Tomorrow I need to get my chores done fast so I can get to work on some quilting!!

Breanna is very excited to have her bed back, and told me quite a few times that "It's fun to have a sewing room bedroom".  So glad, because I am ecstatic about the new possibilities!  Of course, when the garage is finished, it will go out there; but in the mean time, I can quilt!
This is for you, Bet; she loves reading your "Little Lulu" while wearing the tutu you sent.  Perfect, now it sounds like you'll have to ship Orianna out for the holiday- so they can share their ballerina fetish.

On a more somber note, we lost two dear people today.  Our sweet friend, Sylvia (remember this quilt?), has been battling breast cancer fore more than 20 years.  Uncle Phil, was a kind man who was my Aunt's other-half, and shared a birthday with Levi.  Both will be missed so much.


poval clark said...
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Bethaney said...

How awesome! Justin just built me shelves, which means my laundry room is getting all organized. It is such a good feeling when things start falling into place!
And I love Breanna in her tutu with little lulu! Give her a squeeze!