Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pot-holder for Melissa!

Levi is currently sleeping in the recliner because he started throwing up today.... but he did draw Melissa's name for the pot-holder!  Let me know which one you like, or if you'd prefer something else that's great too- congratulations!  Quite fitting, actually, since you were the one who instigated this give-away.  =)  Email me your address so I can get it in the mail.
I'm feeling terrible for the little guy, but I'm also starting to get frustrated.  Since moving here last fall, it seems we get every bug that comes along!  I give the kids multi-vitamins, and vitamin D, they eat yogurt..... who knows.  I've heard way too many times that it's very normal when you move to a completely different place, but if it keeps up like this I may just decide to move back to Alaska!  We love it here, but there are no fabric stores close either...... that is really starting to put a chip in my side.  I thought it might help curb the fabric spending, but I'm thinking it almost made it worse.  When I do get to the store, I feel like I need to get a lot because I won't be back again for who knows how long!  It's only an hour drive, but I was used to quite a few stores within 10 minutes.  Now when I go, I have so many projects to get a little piece or something for, that it takes me over an hour.  And with two little boys in tow...... yeah, you get the point.  Anyway, maybe once the kids are all in school I'll open a fabric store here..... just one more thing I have extra time for, right?  ;)  First year in public schools is also a factor, so hopefully we'll be out of this stage soon.  Since Andy's napping and Breanna is easy to keep entertained.... I think I'll go sew.  =)

Pot-holder drawing

I'd like to get the winning pot-holder out so I can post the others on Etsy, so I've decided to let Levi pick a winner today.  That will be at about 4pm, so there's still a little time if you haven't entered here already.
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Quilted Tote Winner

Thanks to Marla, I remembered that we were to pick someone to have a new Quilted Tote today!  I was checking my email before going to bed, and she left a comment for the give-away.  Since it was already past 9:30 pm, this probably qualifies me as a poor mother; but I went in to wake Breanna up to draw a name.  I thought about doing it myself, but then realized she'd be devastated when she realized I was making one for someone, and she'd been left out.
So I woke the sleeping beauty, and Cathy was drawn!  We've never actually met, but she grew up in the same town as my husband.  She chose pinks and greens for the bag, and since that's been my primary choice of colors to quilt lately- I can't wait to get started!  Tomorrow, that is.  I need some sleep.  Thanks for all your comments!
And as I'm finishing this post, she's sleeping soundly again.  =)

And for those of you who are still interested in a Quilted Tote, I hope to be posting some in my Etsy shop soon.  By the way, I already sold one quilt this weekend!  Very encouraging to keep at it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Etsy Site

Well, it looks like things are finally starting to appear on my Etsy site! I had visions of showing you my shop when there were many, many things to offer; but for now there are just a few.  Keep checking back, I'm hoping to add quite a few this weekend!  They have greatly improved the posting process since I last used the site, so that was nice.  My only problem is that I want good photos, which means I need to take some more.

The only sewing I've done all week, was some minor mending.  As some of you may know; I would prefer to sew quite a few new things, then to have to actually mend something.  In any case; if all goes well, I will get some sewing time this weekend, and some more quiet time to get things posted! 

One thing I want to make very clear, is that I am not at all trying to get you to buy my stuff.  Various people have asked about things before, and I want you to know where to look if you are interested.  And if you have a custom item you'd like, or see something that you'd like in another color/etc; please feel free to email me. 

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!

EDIT: Did you notice my banner at the top of the etsy site?  My SIL, Kylee, did that in photoshop, from my blog banner photo! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Tyler brought the huge tractor over today, and the kids were delighted.

Kindof puts the house in a different perspective.

Levi was quite protective as Daddy backed up to leave.
Looks like this is my 100th blog post, which means it's time for a give-away!  Already have one going on for the pot-holder, so now I'm offering one of these fun bags, in your choice of colors.  (The one pictured has already been gifted, but I do have most of the same fabrics left.)  Breanna will be picking out a name on Monday, Memorial Day.
Only rule is that you must become a follower, and Breanna would like to know what your favorite color, or combination of colors, is.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kiera's Birthday

The kids' cousin Kiera turns 4 today, but we celebrated on Sunday.  We went to my brother's house Saturday afternoon.

The girls were quite impressed with the cake and ponies!

fun party hats
All younger kids seem to love pinatas.
I like how Eyon is acting it out for her.

Aha, finally starting to break!
In between turns, there was lot of puppy-holding going on.
And dandelion-picking by Andy.
He seemed just as happy to watch, as to take his turn.
Grandma's new puppy, Rosie, was a main attraction.

Finally uncle Jared stepped in to make some progress.
Desired result!
Andy was so funny; while the kids were scooping up all they could, he kept puting his one piece down & trading it for another.  He was trying to be polite, I'm sure.
Needless to say, they all got plenty.

Levi found some pinecones.
Eyon & Mikayla's new baby brother, Myles, wasn't too interested in the candy & fun, he was only 6 days old!
All the kids, minus Kiera, she said she was ready for bed.
What a fun time!

Sunny Day, Part II

The day after the sunny day, it's raining and overcast.  But we sure had a nice day outside, and now we get to enjoy staying in!
The boys love this tricycle, and learned to ride it together.
The fact that it's John Deere colors might have something to do with it.

This is the nest of quail eggs, they are pretty little speckled ones.
I still can't believe they chose this busy place to build a nest!  It's right outside the door we always use, and right next to where the boys dig in the dirt.
Andy was excited when we found the tiny crock-type shoes that fit him.
They are cute in that size!
We went on a 4-mile walk in the morning.
It was beautiful!
I'm amazed at how much the backs of those heads look alike, except their little cowlicks are on opposite sides.
Levi asked "why do we keep stopping to take pictures!?"
One benefit of living on the farm, is that Daddy gets to come home for lunch every day.
And quite the little send-off he gets.
This wagon has entertained all three of them for hours.
While waiting to go get Breanna from school, we enjoyed an hour on a quilt on the lawn.
As soon as I put it out, it was like a magnet.
I thoroughly enjoyed pouring over some magazines Marlene gave me a long time ago.  I've got so many ideas in my head, I'll never have time to make all the quilts I want to!
Washed the van.
Daddy tilled the garden one more, time; then used the "bed-maker" to get ready for planting.  We're getting quite spoiled with all these fancy gadgets!
Red-cheeked kids after a sunny day.
Sue sent these pretty lilacs home with Tyler, she has a variety of colors.
Supposedly they all can make new starts; except the darker one- you have to buy the plant.  Very interesting.  I've no green thumb at all, but I have noticed that the flowers on these look much different than mine.  They all smell alike, tho, and bringing them in has made the house smell wonderful!
Breanna told me I was so red that I looked like the sun, guess it's nice to have a rainy day now.  =)