Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kiera's Birthday

The kids' cousin Kiera turns 4 today, but we celebrated on Sunday.  We went to my brother's house Saturday afternoon.

The girls were quite impressed with the cake and ponies!

fun party hats
All younger kids seem to love pinatas.
I like how Eyon is acting it out for her.

Aha, finally starting to break!
In between turns, there was lot of puppy-holding going on.
And dandelion-picking by Andy.
He seemed just as happy to watch, as to take his turn.
Grandma's new puppy, Rosie, was a main attraction.

Finally uncle Jared stepped in to make some progress.
Desired result!
Andy was so funny; while the kids were scooping up all they could, he kept puting his one piece down & trading it for another.  He was trying to be polite, I'm sure.
Needless to say, they all got plenty.

Levi found some pinecones.
Eyon & Mikayla's new baby brother, Myles, wasn't too interested in the candy & fun, he was only 6 days old!
All the kids, minus Kiera, she said she was ready for bed.
What a fun time!


Tawn said...

Thanks for posting these. I love Kiera's fancy party dress and pony cake. And your children always seem to HAPPY in their pictures.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Kiera's quite grown up looking! What a pretty little girl. Is the color right in these pictures? Because it looks like your kids have TWO redheaded cousins!