Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On Teacher Appreciation Week a couple weeks ago, I found out that Breanna's teacher loves to quilt also!  She has been taking hers out-of-town to be quilted, tho, so was ecstatic when she realized I had a quilting machine.  There are more projects of hers I'm working on now, but this is what I finished back then.
And the back...
I used an all-over leaf design (free-hand), and it gave it lots of nice texture.
It also took a lot more thread than stippling.
I used a purple variegated for the top, and green variegated for the back.
She says I've really "kicked her into gear" and she'll be making more tops now, I like that idea!  =)
She also had me do the binding and finish it up to send off.
Close-up of the leaves.

I got a business license and am doing this "for real" now, any tops you need finished?


Rebekah said...

How fun! Good for you Lisa! Wish we lived closer. Abigail has a quilt that she has the top done on and we just need to piece the backing together and send it off to the quilter here in town. I'm terrible with this sort of thing, so I need to sit Philip down with her to get that part done so we can get it quilted!!

Shay said...

How wonderful that you're giving this business idea your all. I think that's great!

The quilt is made more beautiful by your wonderful quilting.

I'd hire you in a heartbeat but unfortunately postage costs would make that rather prohibitive!

Becky Gonce said...

Beautiful! I have a top that needs sewn together.. maybe I'll get a couple done at the Sept retreat again this year.

Bethaney said...

Hey, business woman! :-) Love the leaves quilting--adds a whole new dimension to the quilt!