Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunny Day, Part II

The day after the sunny day, it's raining and overcast.  But we sure had a nice day outside, and now we get to enjoy staying in!
The boys love this tricycle, and learned to ride it together.
The fact that it's John Deere colors might have something to do with it.

This is the nest of quail eggs, they are pretty little speckled ones.
I still can't believe they chose this busy place to build a nest!  It's right outside the door we always use, and right next to where the boys dig in the dirt.
Andy was excited when we found the tiny crock-type shoes that fit him.
They are cute in that size!
We went on a 4-mile walk in the morning.
It was beautiful!
I'm amazed at how much the backs of those heads look alike, except their little cowlicks are on opposite sides.
Levi asked "why do we keep stopping to take pictures!?"
One benefit of living on the farm, is that Daddy gets to come home for lunch every day.
And quite the little send-off he gets.
This wagon has entertained all three of them for hours.
While waiting to go get Breanna from school, we enjoyed an hour on a quilt on the lawn.
As soon as I put it out, it was like a magnet.
I thoroughly enjoyed pouring over some magazines Marlene gave me a long time ago.  I've got so many ideas in my head, I'll never have time to make all the quilts I want to!
Washed the van.
Daddy tilled the garden one more, time; then used the "bed-maker" to get ready for planting.  We're getting quite spoiled with all these fancy gadgets!
Red-cheeked kids after a sunny day.
Sue sent these pretty lilacs home with Tyler, she has a variety of colors.
Supposedly they all can make new starts; except the darker one- you have to buy the plant.  Very interesting.  I've no green thumb at all, but I have noticed that the flowers on these look much different than mine.  They all smell alike, tho, and bringing them in has made the house smell wonderful!
Breanna told me I was so red that I looked like the sun, guess it's nice to have a rainy day now.  =)


Rebekah said...

Sounds like you had a fun, sunny day! I did too! Only my legs got red though...they don't usually burn or tan so I thought I was ok. Well, hopefully it will fade to a nice summer tan!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

That is quite the garden! I think it's awesome that the kids (and you!) get to see Tyler throughout the day! One of the benefits of farming. Enjoy the sun!

Melissa said...

You live in beautiful country!!! We have a similar tricycle that our boys used to love to ride (before they graduated to their bicycles)! It's John Deere green and yellow too! :)
Your garden looks awesome! Wow! Loving the looks of those lilacs! Our last house had some big bushes, but none where we are now. :( They make my DH sneeze, but I love the scent of them! So pretty!