Thursday, March 29, 2012

14 to go...

Funny title?  Yes.  But you'll understand after you read this post.

For spring break, we spent the first weekend in Boise.  What a fun time for all!

Ryan, Breanna, Emma, Levi, Andy; perfect stairsteps!

These girls are only one month apart, and became good friends.

On Sunday.

Our hosts, thank you so much!

Katie had this cute purse that I liked, so I decided to try it out myself.
This is my first attempt. (Not quite finished, need to find the perfect button.)

Pockets inside.

Button closure to keep things inside.
And, if you know me at all by now; you'll know I often go over-board in the sewing department.
I didn't have any interfacing (which gives this a nice weight), so I just started cutting them out of various fabrics; until I could get to a fabric store today.
And..... there are only 14 left to sew.   =)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rose Quilting For Brenda

I finished quilting this pretty "blended" quilt for Brenda today.  Perfect lighting for photos!
She's not going to see it in person for over a week, so these are for her.  
And anyone else who might be interested.
 It's queen size, approximately 83 x 93.
 Some of the texture.

 All free-handed; no stencils, etc.
 She wanted roses, and it looks nice on the backing fabric.
 On the corner-couch, in the sunlight.
Thanks for letting me quilt this for you, Brenda!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tumbler Blocks

I have been enjoying the Baby Go! cutter for doing tumbler blocks.
First, I made this table-runner for Mom.
 Up close.
 I like the wavy look of not squaring up the blocks.
 For quilting, though, it was simpler to leave the back a rectangle, and also gave it stability while sewing.
 The binding was a little tricky, but I did similar to how I do scallops.
I got these fabrics to go together, intending to maybe do a baby quilt.
 Cut out lots of tumblers.
 I added some pinks in too, since they gave it more variety.  I was also starting to think this would be perfect for Breanna's bed...
 I put them in order on the back of a vinyl tablecloth; it's flannel so the pieces stick when you need to move it.
 Decided it needed even more blocks, so now used the rotary to get as many as possible from every piece.  I used the others as patterns, but I really don't know why they didn't make the template more like this picture.  It would save fabric!
All sewn together, 500 blocks!!
 Breanna holding it up for a photo.
 More little helpers.
 Originally had purchased the big dots to use for backing on the baby quilt.
Now it's going to be a border.
She really likes it, and wanted me to take a picture to prove it. ;)
 Used some of the leftovers for a coordinating pillow.
 For quilting on the blocks, I had to use my regular sewing machine to follow the seams with straight lines.  What a chore!  Was very glad that most of the time I can just put it on the quilting machine.
 The back.
Wavy lines in the center kindof look like water, with "rocks" around the edges.
 Binding finished this morning, it's all done!
 I fussy-cut some horses for a few blocks.

 Went over to the park to take photos.....
 But the wind was not cooperating.

 On the bed, I think she'll be excited when she comes home from school today!
 She told me this looked sortof like a little cowgirl to her. ;)
 Sweet little boots she used to wear.
 I used polyester batting on this one; mostly to make it warmer, but the puffy look is fun.
 Last week I painted her dresser pink, but the new nobs aren't done yet, so you'll have to excuse the peach ones.  It's such an improvement from before!
A picture I found from when I was working on it, of a sweet little helper.
Now I'm thinking of making something with bigger tumbler blocks; but need to do them with the rotary cutter, since I don't have the big cutter or large tumbler die.

But for now, housework!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twister Hotpads, and a fun Saturday drive.

I just finished up this set of twister hot-pads for Sue C.
The pictures don't show very good color- the green looks almost grey here.
 They are super-thick because of using both batting and Insul-Bright.
 Hmmm.... may need to make some more, I like these!

On Saturday morning last weekend, Tyler drove down the canyon with the kids.  I asked him if he'd mind taking along the camera, since I was staying home to clean the house.... sure glad he did!

 Oh... my stomach would have been doing flip-flops if I was there!
Larry's flag.

 Even Charlie got to ride along.
All for now; I just have the binding left to do on Breanna's horse quilt (don't think I've even shown any of it before), but maybe tonight I'll get if finished to show you.
Have a great evening!

P.S. Almost forgot, I posted a bunch of those little button pouches on etsy.  Have a few more, but pictures aren't cooperating.