Monday, May 28, 2012

Etsy Clearance!

Inventory reduction.

Nearly all items in my etsy shop have been drastically reduced in price,

PLUS free shipping!

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Many items under $30, many even less.  All purses now only $20!

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Happy Memorial Day!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

We had cousin Kiera with us for the night and today, and the kids had so much fun.
Just a few pics.

On the swing at Sullivan's, while Daddy showed Grandma & Grandpa the updated shop where he works.

A nest they found with some very old eggs in it.

These two buddies turn 5 just 10 days apart.

Afternoon walk/bike ride.

With Grandma's dog, Rosie.

Andy balancing on Levi's bike.
Such a nice way to end a weekend, before a new week begins.

Transformed shirt

At this house, we love hand-me-downs.  The kids seem to go through clothes so fast, and it's always more fun to get something that was "so-and-so's".
This shirt was brand-new, but I don't think the person who bought it really looked at what the front said.  Or..... maybe that is why it was still brand-new! :)
In any case, I didn't want to put this on my two-year-old.

So, I covered it up with some tractor fabric.
The decal covered most of the shirt, so the tractor fabric had to be quite large.

I had this coordinating piece, and decided it would be fun on the back of the shirt.

Added a "2" with some bolts and nuts, and a black outline.

Cheesy grin.

Both boys like the back best.

We sure think he's a cute and sweet little guy!
I have a feeling this is going to be one of those, "want to wear every day" shirts.

And that is the benefit of being able to sew.... you can take something you don't really like, and transform it!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remembering Holly

Just last summer, on of my childhood friends passed away quite unexpectedly.  Her name was Holly Davis, and she was such a happy and friendly person.

This quilt is the first in a series of 3, that was made from her clothing.

These were the heavier-weight fabrics, and they all matched!

I just happened to have this wide backing that looked so nice with it.

The quilting was an allover flower and leaf pattern.

Levi thinks it looks like springs, and likes it this direction.

He sure thought a lot of Holly, she was so good with kids.

We sure do miss you, Holly, but know you're in a better place.
Her death was such a shock, but it was nice to be able to spend some time with her since moving to Central Oregon.
Reminds me of a poem that says something about "don't weep for me, God set me free".  But it's hard to not miss someone that was so unselfish and caring of others.
Thanks for your example, Holly!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The biggest Quilt I've ever made.... is complete!

Yesterday afternoon I completed the largest quilt I have ever made!

It is a custom quilt, as requested from Lynne, a family friend.

Pattern: Floral Bouquet (changed to King-size), from the book: Jelly Roll Quilts
Fabric: Curio Jelly Rolls by Basic Grey for Moda, and Moda White cotton.
Finished dimensions: 105" x 118" (extra room for shrinkage)

I was a little nervous about making all those points line up,

but somehow they turned out pretty nice!

There were 98 of the blocks/flowers.... but it sped things up to do them assembly-line style, each part of the block 98 times.

She wanted me to go "light on the quilting", so I did an allover medium-size stippling.

For binding I used yardage of one of the green prints in the Jelly Roll.

Our bed is king-size too, and it looked so nice.

When I rolled it up for shipping, Levi came in and asked me if I knew what it looked like.  He then squealed "a Jelly Roll!" and took off laughing like he'd told the best joke ever.  ;)

Thank you, Lynne, for letting me make this quilt for you, it was so much fun!

For those of you who don't quilt, just as a reference; using high-quality quilting fabrics, the supplies alone were over $250 (shopping for sales online), and I spent about 34 hours total.
But it was worth it, the outcome is always so exciting!
And it is made to last for multiple generations.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Lynne saw this quilt that another Lisa had made from the exact same pattern and fabrics, and asked if I could "whip one out" for her in a king size?
Sure, custom order quilt coming up!

So far I have spent 30 and a half hours on it, but it is soooo close to done!  Only the binding left, which will be one of the green floral prints.  
Here it is draped over the quilting table.  It's HUGE!!!  Ninety-Eight blocks (yes, 98!!)

The whole time I was working on it; I kept wondering how the blocks would look if specific colors were used, to make it look even more like a tulip.

Since the kingsize sometimes seemed a bit overwhelming, I took a break and tried with some of my own high-quality quiltshop fabric leftovers.

Next up when the binding is finished....
a lap-size or baby quilt!
I'm going to use a green minkie for the back, and more of the pink for binding.

Happy Spring!

Last night Tyler sprayed the area where our garden is going to be..... summer is coming!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Cute little cowboy at our house.

He was being silly while I was trying to take quilt pics.

 Can you tell she likes this one?

Little "booted", peeking helper.

I'm making progress on the King-size quilt, trying to get the top finished today.  It's seeming huge!  Already spent over 19 hours on it, but it's getting closer.
These aren't really my colors (I LOVE brights), but it's so pretty with all that white background to set it off!  Now back to "work", kids want the carpet back to play on......