Friday, May 11, 2012


Lynne saw this quilt that another Lisa had made from the exact same pattern and fabrics, and asked if I could "whip one out" for her in a king size?
Sure, custom order quilt coming up!

So far I have spent 30 and a half hours on it, but it is soooo close to done!  Only the binding left, which will be one of the green floral prints.  
Here it is draped over the quilting table.  It's HUGE!!!  Ninety-Eight blocks (yes, 98!!)

The whole time I was working on it; I kept wondering how the blocks would look if specific colors were used, to make it look even more like a tulip.

Since the kingsize sometimes seemed a bit overwhelming, I took a break and tried with some of my own high-quality quiltshop fabric leftovers.

Next up when the binding is finished....
a lap-size or baby quilt!
I'm going to use a green minkie for the back, and more of the pink for binding.

Happy Spring!

Last night Tyler sprayed the area where our garden is going to be..... summer is coming!


Bethaney said...

Looks awesome!

Verity Earl said...

Holy cats! That king size is soooo beautiful! You are a trooper for doing such a huge quilt. Congrats! I like the littler one too. :)

Sue said...

I like the king size, but love the small one because they look like tulips and those are my colors. Wonderful work you do.

Your mom came over and delivered the purse and it is working out just great. Thanks.

marla said...

Beautiful quilts. You are so talented.