Sunday, May 27, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

We had cousin Kiera with us for the night and today, and the kids had so much fun.
Just a few pics.

On the swing at Sullivan's, while Daddy showed Grandma & Grandpa the updated shop where he works.

A nest they found with some very old eggs in it.

These two buddies turn 5 just 10 days apart.

Afternoon walk/bike ride.

With Grandma's dog, Rosie.

Andy balancing on Levi's bike.
Such a nice way to end a weekend, before a new week begins.


Shay said...

Looks like fun !

Bethaney said...

Jealous of your Walking/bike trail! It is beautiful out there! Love the swing pictures. And so nice that Levi and Kiera can turn 5 together!