Sunday, May 27, 2012

Transformed shirt

At this house, we love hand-me-downs.  The kids seem to go through clothes so fast, and it's always more fun to get something that was "so-and-so's".
This shirt was brand-new, but I don't think the person who bought it really looked at what the front said.  Or..... maybe that is why it was still brand-new! :)
In any case, I didn't want to put this on my two-year-old.

So, I covered it up with some tractor fabric.
The decal covered most of the shirt, so the tractor fabric had to be quite large.

I had this coordinating piece, and decided it would be fun on the back of the shirt.

Added a "2" with some bolts and nuts, and a black outline.

Cheesy grin.

Both boys like the back best.

We sure think he's a cute and sweet little guy!
I have a feeling this is going to be one of those, "want to wear every day" shirts.

And that is the benefit of being able to sew.... you can take something you don't really like, and transform it!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Shay said...

Brilliant Idea Lisa and it looks great!

Bethaney said...

Of COURSE this is a want to wear everyday shirt! It is adorable! And it involves TRACTORS! :-) Clever girl!

Verity Earl said...

Very clever, Lisa! And very cute, too. :)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Awesome makeover! Adding the "2" really made it look good.