Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Denim Skirt Conversion

I got these at the thrift-store a long time ago, to make into a skirt for Breanna.
She's been wearing them just like they were.

 My little helper, pulling all the loose threads.

All torn apart.

Pinning it back together.

Anywhere there's a tear, zig-zag over it before sewing it in, for stability.

The back: it was stretchy, so hard to get it flat.  It should look better on her, though.

The front, I love the flowers!
Also left the hem unfinished, just zig-zagged the edge so it shouldn't ravel too bad.

It's pretty long and A-line, should be warm!
Will try to get a pic of it on her when she comes home from school.
Wow, I want one of these that will fit me!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Custom Black & White Purse

I made this fun little purse for Mary today.
It was similar to the four I made last week, but a little larger.
She requested black and white prints.

I just love how the flower accents it so well!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ruffled Aprons

Ruffled Aprons are all over the place here!
Breanna was such a good little helper, and she got to keep her favorite (red and green with lady bugs).

$18 each, with FREE SHIPPING!
Order more and save:
2 for $15 each
3 for $12 each
4 for $10 each

Measures approximately 18" wide, 15" long, and strings are about 62" from end to end.
If you would like to purchase more than one, please let me know so I make you an discount-priced invoice.
See more photos in MY SHOP.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fabric Fun

I have been having way too much fun playing with fabric!

Well it's Friday night; the kids are in bed (all 4: the Mr. has a terrible head-cold and went to bed after dinner)......  what was I to do?
Of course..... sew up some of the fun purses I've cut from my stash.... duh!!
(actually I didn't sew them all in those couple hours, been working away throughout the day).
Thank goodness the camera didn't run off on me again, so I have one nice picture of them all.

Stay tuned, both the purses and their pattern; will soon be in my etsy shop.

Since the new items will not be eligible for the 50% off discount, I updated all the prices of previous items to 50% off, so you no longer need the coupon code when checking out.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Half Off Sale

Have anyone left on your gift-giving list?
Interested in a hand-crafted item?
Head over to my etsy shop for 50% off!
Yes, that's right; half price on anything in the store.
Simply use coupon code: HALFPRICESALE when checking out.
No limit, fill your basket!
Happy Holidays
Coming soon: more purses, aprons, and patterns for purses.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Camera has been located!

Mmmm-hmmm, it was lost.  So I couldn't post any boring photo-less posts, it had to be found.  I even offered to pay Levi $1 if he found it, which sent him on a rampant search.... with no luck.  And then...voila, tonight it appeared!  Maybe the problem is not the camera, but my rememberer.  In any case, it now has a "place" where it must be returned.  We'll see how long this lasts.  Actually I do have high hopes; because I have been working very hard on getting everything in the house "a place to go", and it is so convenient!  We've lived in this house for a year now, and it finally feels like it's really home.  Maybe because the major remodeling work is done, just the small finish-up stuff is left?  It's just so nice to feel somewhat organized (this might also be the result of the youngest child being well past 3 years old?), and not be so overwhelmed with the day-to-day "stuff".
As I was mentioning before.... pictures!  I have pictures!  First off I must show the pictures I just took, since they are my favorite.  I was planning to make this fun little purse pattern, with nice photos as I went- but I couldn't find the camera!  So now I have the camera, and the purse is completed.  Guess that means I'll have to make another one?  I don't mind, actually- I'm so excited with how this turned out!  I actually called my sister ecstatic, that I had finally made something that was really cute!  See for yourself, but I really love this little purse.  After having to lug around a huge diaper bag for years, there is something so fun about having a cute little purse.  I'm enjoying the moments.

I made a fun little flower (which is detatchable for washing), this seemed to take the cuteness to a whole new level.

Those are all little 2 1/2 inch squares, from a fabric line called Verna, by Kate Spain for Moda.  Ooooh, I love the prints and colors!  The aqua polkadots were in my stash, and I'm not sure which line they came from.

The back.

And, of course; some pockets inside.
And the pictures the camera ran off with, were of a quilt I quilted and bound for Levi's teacher.
Oh my, this project made me cross-eyed and dizzy!

I used an off-white thread for the quilting, in a stippling pattern; so it would all blend.

And that it did... making it quite a time-consuming ordeal.
The quilt is gorgeous; and someone spent many many hours on it, but I'm wondering if she got a little dizzy making all those circles?
You know how they say that babies love black and white quilts, because they are so stimulating? 
I believe it now!

The backing is a grey print with little white circles, and the binding is a darker aqua to accent the aqua border.  I got to pick both pieces out, and the results seem to work.

Spread out on the quilting machine, once completed.

All folded up and ready to deliver.
She loved it.
That's all for tonight, and now I'll go put the camera back on it's shelf.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recent-ish projects

So, I guess you have to go into Picasa and delete some photos... and voile, more space!  Just doubles and silly ones, that weren't on the blog anyway.  We'll see how long this lasts.

Here are some of the projects I did but didn't take time to blog about.

The simple "squares" quilt I made about 12 years ago, was coming apart.  It had been tied with embroidery thread, so I took that all out and quilted it.  

I used the same batting (polyester, it's everyone's favorite "warm" blanket), but put a newer sheet on the back, and some binding from my "2 1/2 inch strips" tub.

The flannel sheets went back on the bed, so I decided it was time to use this blanket again, too.

And for the pretty quilt on top, I decided to take this off Etsy and use it for us!

Breanna finished up her flannel quilt, and we sent it off to the newest cousin, Elsie.

This quilt is going to be queen-size someday, but it's going to take awhile.  It's what gets called around here "the cinnamon roll quilt", made from all those little 1 1/2 inch strips.  I have quite a few more cut out, just need to sew them up.  (IE: get inspiration to work on something tedious).

This little pillow was in our room at the quilt retreat, great idea for using up blocks from old antique quilts that are falling apart!

This is a quilt that Becky made, I just did the quilting.

This picture cracks me up, I have such good little photo helpers! 

Another quilt I just did the quilting on, for Becky.

Andy found the tiny scissors and was salvaging one of the scraps that had a tractor on it. 

Pretty good for a 3YO.

This was what the scrap came from, random circle blocks for a boys quilt.

I did most of this quilt-top at last year's retreat, just needed to make 2 additional blocks and add some sashing.  The only things I purchased for this quilt was sashing, minky backing, and binding.  Twin size from scraps!

This was months ago, but I was flattered after the fair!

Comments on back.
And though I LOVE this quilt, it's folded in the linen closet.  I simply have too many quilts to use at once!  It's nice to pull them out when there's company, so I'll put up with the problem.

That's all for now; are you busy with life, or taking a little time to enjoy crafts?  I'm trying to balance the two.