Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Denim Skirt Conversion

I got these at the thrift-store a long time ago, to make into a skirt for Breanna.
She's been wearing them just like they were.

 My little helper, pulling all the loose threads.

All torn apart.

Pinning it back together.

Anywhere there's a tear, zig-zag over it before sewing it in, for stability.

The back: it was stretchy, so hard to get it flat.  It should look better on her, though.

The front, I love the flowers!
Also left the hem unfinished, just zig-zagged the edge so it shouldn't ravel too bad.

It's pretty long and A-line, should be warm!
Will try to get a pic of it on her when she comes home from school.
Wow, I want one of these that will fit me!


Bethaney said...

Awesome job! Love those flowers!

Marla said...

Beautiful job!!