Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Camera has been located!

Mmmm-hmmm, it was lost.  So I couldn't post any boring photo-less posts, it had to be found.  I even offered to pay Levi $1 if he found it, which sent him on a rampant search.... with no luck.  And then...voila, tonight it appeared!  Maybe the problem is not the camera, but my rememberer.  In any case, it now has a "place" where it must be returned.  We'll see how long this lasts.  Actually I do have high hopes; because I have been working very hard on getting everything in the house "a place to go", and it is so convenient!  We've lived in this house for a year now, and it finally feels like it's really home.  Maybe because the major remodeling work is done, just the small finish-up stuff is left?  It's just so nice to feel somewhat organized (this might also be the result of the youngest child being well past 3 years old?), and not be so overwhelmed with the day-to-day "stuff".
As I was mentioning before.... pictures!  I have pictures!  First off I must show the pictures I just took, since they are my favorite.  I was planning to make this fun little purse pattern, with nice photos as I went- but I couldn't find the camera!  So now I have the camera, and the purse is completed.  Guess that means I'll have to make another one?  I don't mind, actually- I'm so excited with how this turned out!  I actually called my sister ecstatic, that I had finally made something that was really cute!  See for yourself, but I really love this little purse.  After having to lug around a huge diaper bag for years, there is something so fun about having a cute little purse.  I'm enjoying the moments.

I made a fun little flower (which is detatchable for washing), this seemed to take the cuteness to a whole new level.

Those are all little 2 1/2 inch squares, from a fabric line called Verna, by Kate Spain for Moda.  Ooooh, I love the prints and colors!  The aqua polkadots were in my stash, and I'm not sure which line they came from.

The back.

And, of course; some pockets inside.
And the pictures the camera ran off with, were of a quilt I quilted and bound for Levi's teacher.
Oh my, this project made me cross-eyed and dizzy!

I used an off-white thread for the quilting, in a stippling pattern; so it would all blend.

And that it did... making it quite a time-consuming ordeal.
The quilt is gorgeous; and someone spent many many hours on it, but I'm wondering if she got a little dizzy making all those circles?
You know how they say that babies love black and white quilts, because they are so stimulating? 
I believe it now!

The backing is a grey print with little white circles, and the binding is a darker aqua to accent the aqua border.  I got to pick both pieces out, and the results seem to work.

Spread out on the quilting machine, once completed.

All folded up and ready to deliver.
She loved it.
That's all for tonight, and now I'll go put the camera back on it's shelf.

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Shay said...

Well! I'm glad you found the camera because that bag and quilt are both absolutely gorgeous!