Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recent-ish projects

So, I guess you have to go into Picasa and delete some photos... and voile, more space!  Just doubles and silly ones, that weren't on the blog anyway.  We'll see how long this lasts.

Here are some of the projects I did but didn't take time to blog about.

The simple "squares" quilt I made about 12 years ago, was coming apart.  It had been tied with embroidery thread, so I took that all out and quilted it.  

I used the same batting (polyester, it's everyone's favorite "warm" blanket), but put a newer sheet on the back, and some binding from my "2 1/2 inch strips" tub.

The flannel sheets went back on the bed, so I decided it was time to use this blanket again, too.

And for the pretty quilt on top, I decided to take this off Etsy and use it for us!

Breanna finished up her flannel quilt, and we sent it off to the newest cousin, Elsie.

This quilt is going to be queen-size someday, but it's going to take awhile.  It's what gets called around here "the cinnamon roll quilt", made from all those little 1 1/2 inch strips.  I have quite a few more cut out, just need to sew them up.  (IE: get inspiration to work on something tedious).

This little pillow was in our room at the quilt retreat, great idea for using up blocks from old antique quilts that are falling apart!

This is a quilt that Becky made, I just did the quilting.

This picture cracks me up, I have such good little photo helpers! 

Another quilt I just did the quilting on, for Becky.

Andy found the tiny scissors and was salvaging one of the scraps that had a tractor on it. 

Pretty good for a 3YO.

This was what the scrap came from, random circle blocks for a boys quilt.

I did most of this quilt-top at last year's retreat, just needed to make 2 additional blocks and add some sashing.  The only things I purchased for this quilt was sashing, minky backing, and binding.  Twin size from scraps!

This was months ago, but I was flattered after the fair!

Comments on back.
And though I LOVE this quilt, it's folded in the linen closet.  I simply have too many quilts to use at once!  It's nice to pull them out when there's company, so I'll put up with the problem.

That's all for now; are you busy with life, or taking a little time to enjoy crafts?  I'm trying to balance the two.


Bethaney said...

I am just catching up on blog reading, so I am excited that you are blogging again! Love to see what is going on with you and your quilting!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I love the boy's circle quilt! And Andy is quite good with the scissors!

Krista said...

Hey Lisa,
I was remembering those little bags you made to put various things in, for like purse or diaper bag organization. I can't seem to find it on your blog (though I likely just missed it). I didn't see any in your store either. Anyway, would you mind leaving me a comment on my blog with your email address or the information(I won't publish it)? Thanks!