Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remembering Holly

Just last summer, on of my childhood friends passed away quite unexpectedly.  Her name was Holly Davis, and she was such a happy and friendly person.

This quilt is the first in a series of 3, that was made from her clothing.

These were the heavier-weight fabrics, and they all matched!

I just happened to have this wide backing that looked so nice with it.

The quilting was an allover flower and leaf pattern.

Levi thinks it looks like springs, and likes it this direction.

He sure thought a lot of Holly, she was so good with kids.

We sure do miss you, Holly, but know you're in a better place.
Her death was such a shock, but it was nice to be able to spend some time with her since moving to Central Oregon.
Reminds me of a poem that says something about "don't weep for me, God set me free".  But it's hard to not miss someone that was so unselfish and caring of others.
Thanks for your example, Holly!


marla said...

Love this post and quilt. What a sweet way to remember Holly she was such a fun and special person to be with. Her dad and mine are cousins!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Verity Earl said...

It's beautiful, Lisa, and so thoughtful.