Friday, May 20, 2011

Difficult vs. Time-consuming

I've been thinking about this quilt I made for the fair, just before Andy was born.  I had always considered it "the hardest quilt I ever made", but now I'm not so sure that's correct.  It was definately the most time-consuming quilt I've ever made, and I think that's a more accurate statement.
I took it outside to get some photos for my blog & etsy site.
Amazing the difference a little sun can make!
I love the brigth blues & yellows together, and the "country" feel this one has.
The prairie points around the edges were also a lot more time-consuming, but it gives it a bit more personality
It was all paper-pieced, using strips of scraps from my stash.  When I was working on it, Breanna & Levi kept asking me how many "pizzas" I had finished.  Depending how you look at it, you see stars or spiderwebs; it's actually called a spiderweb pattern.
Sewing strips of fabric to paper & then trimming the edges doesn't seem too difficult to me, but tearing off all the paper once the quilt top is complete, is quite time-consuming.

So what about you, do you think different patterns are more difficult, or just more time-consuming?


Twila said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! What did prize/ribbon did you get from the fair?

Shay said...

That's one gorgeous quilt Lisa. I keep avoiding prairie points because I know they're time consuming.

I think patterns can look complicated but it's usually a matter of them being more time consuming. My Dresden's took forever but they weren't hard to do. I'm about to do a similar pattern to the one you've shown here and I'm expecting it to take up a lot of time but not actually be difficult. We'll see how I feel about it along the way!

Amy said...

I say beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!!

KimP said...

I think blocks that require set-in piecing are the most difficult. Most of the rest are just time-consuming to me.

But I love 'em all. :)