Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Etsy Site

Well, it looks like things are finally starting to appear on my Etsy site! I had visions of showing you my shop when there were many, many things to offer; but for now there are just a few.  Keep checking back, I'm hoping to add quite a few this weekend!  They have greatly improved the posting process since I last used the site, so that was nice.  My only problem is that I want good photos, which means I need to take some more.

The only sewing I've done all week, was some minor mending.  As some of you may know; I would prefer to sew quite a few new things, then to have to actually mend something.  In any case; if all goes well, I will get some sewing time this weekend, and some more quiet time to get things posted! 

One thing I want to make very clear, is that I am not at all trying to get you to buy my stuff.  Various people have asked about things before, and I want you to know where to look if you are interested.  And if you have a custom item you'd like, or see something that you'd like in another color/etc; please feel free to email me. 

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!

EDIT: Did you notice my banner at the top of the etsy site?  My SIL, Kylee, did that in photoshop, from my blog banner photo! 


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Looks great, Lisa! One item you make that I've often wondered if it would do well on Etsy is those toddler bed sheets. I refuse to use any other sheets, those are so nice! I have a cute picture of them from when you first made a pair for Cheyenne if you're interested in posting those! Good luck!

Bethaney said...

Looks nice! Clever Kylee--love that banner! Glad you already sold one--that is a fun motivator isn't it?

Rebekah said...

Wow, congrats! Looks super nice over there! I need to visit Etsy more...or maybe I don't LOL!!