Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty in nature

We had a good, hard rain this afternoon, and then the sun came out again.  Levi and I took advantage of the splendid fragrances...... it's lovely out there!
There are two large lilac bushes, one is my view out the sewing-room windows.
This stuff is coming up like crazy, not sure what it is!
A close-up, I'm assuming a weed?
Flowering Almond.  This is a huge, beautiful bush outside our front door.
These seem to pop up everywhere!
But they are so cute, and I love the color.
Beautiful sky.
We found that there is asparagus growing in the flower beds!  Have never picked asparagus before, but from the looks of things- the skinny ones wouldn't taste good.
Perfect for dinner, what a nice surprise/treat!
Since this is our first spring in this home, I have no clue what a lot of this stuff is.  So much hasn't bloomed yet, but there are skads and skads of dafodills and tulips. 

What a treat mother nature gives us!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, Love your pictures! I think that is lily of the valley that is coming up. They have a beautiful smell. Your kids might get a kick out of picking the flowers and putting them in water with food coloring in it. The color comes up in the veins after a few days. We used to do it as kids! Marilyn White

Shay said...

I guess it's a lot of fun to discover whats growing in a new garden. It's safe to say the previous occupants loved pruple in their garden.

Free asparagus - whats not to love about that! Lucky you. I love asparagus.

Bethaney said...

Beautiful spring out there! Love the pictures of the johnny jump ups! And yum for the asparagus! Connie Parker picks hers for about 5-6 weeks I think. Enjoy it!