Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Two Fabric" Quilt

I was asked today if I had any patterns for a quilt made from two fabrics.  Here are some pics of quilt ideas that would work!

This zig-zag quilt was made with many, but looks awesome with just two.  You sew strips together & then cut them into blocks for the rows, so it's actually much simpler & faster if you only have 2 fabrics.  The strips can be cut any width, which changes the size of the zig-zags.

Something like this would work if you alternating blocks; Fabric #1 as center & outside on one block (with Fabric #2 between), and other blocks would have Fabric #2 as center and outside, with Fabric #1 between.  Does that make sense?

This is another example of the zig-zag quilt, with much wider strips; made from clothes of a friend who passed away. (Great memory quilt!)

Here's one I made with multiple fabrics also, but would look nice with just 2.
It's an alternate form of the log-cabin block.

And another.

I found this one HERE.

And of course, the Irish Chain is always fun!
Image of Irish Chain Quilt Grid

Hmmm, now I'm scheming; I have LOTS of two-fabrics that go together, what fun!
I really need to keep on track and finish up other projects before begining new.

Do you have any suggestions for simple quilts from only 2 fabrics?

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Shay said...

Im really drawn to two colour quilts at the moment so your post was very timely!

I adore that first one...might steal that idea for a future quilt!