Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Levi's 4th Birthday(s)

Levi got to celebrate his birthday a few different times this past week, hard to believe he's already 4!  Daddy was gone last weekend, so we opened gifts early.  Mostly because Daddy had gotten him a real socket set and was excited to see his reaction, but also because Mommy wanted some new fun things to keep them entertained!
Can't go wrong with big dirt-digging toys that were only $1 at a garage sale!

Luckily there were two.  =)
Set right to work testing them out in the dirt.
We also celebrated at Ronhaar's on Sunday, but I didn't have my camera there.  Levi sang along quite heartily to the birthday song for himself.

Stan, Kathy & family came for cake & ice cream Monday night.  The frosting wasn't cooperating well, and the saran-wrap messed it up some more; but he still liked it!
They brought a stomp-rocket, what fun!
Levi absolutely loves it!

I wish I'd taken a video of the squeals, he couldn't stop laughing.

Andy got a turn too, but seemed not to notice the rocket shooting up- the "pedal" was more interesting.
He's sporting a new haircut!
Lots of playing in the sun means sometimes he gets tired and likes to relax and read books.  People sometimes ask what to do with small quilts...... um...... I can think of a million times they are handy!  Looking through old photos I realize how much we do use them.
Grandma Jill sent a horse-drawn wagon with lots of cowboys, both kids are ecstatic that now they have a "Laura & Mary wagon!"  (Little house on the Prairie books are a bit hit around here).

Aunt Bet sent a big box full of all kinds of fun things, including some Little People and accessories!  Levi said the cars were parked over there in case they decided not to take the wagon..... not sure he's been listening quite as well to the stories.  =)
This evening Breanna was literally "glued" to these old comic books.  She couldn't put them down, I found her in the bedroom trying to read them by the light of the moon!  =)
Happy Birthday, big boy; we sure are proud of you!


Shay said...

That looks like one fun birthday . I wish I could find tip trucks and what not at garage sales like that!

Happy Birthday Levi!

Bethaney said...

Looks like he got well celebrated! Yay for him! For some reason, everyone standing around watching the rocket really made me wish you were closer. I guess just knowing if we were closer, WE might have been standing around watching Levi turn 4 as well. Now I am all teary. Give him lots of hugs from us!

Glad Breanna liked the comic books. The girls love them! Those were doubles of some we had, so we wanted to share. :-)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What a handsome little birthday guy! Looks like he enjoyed it all thoroughly. We tried calling Sunday afternoon and evening, but didn't get through. Give him birthday hugs from us!