Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Quail

Even though we were very disappointed to miss out on going to WallaWalla with Daddy this weekend, because we were sick; we did get to see the baby quail that hatched!  They are silly birds that leave the nest just after hatching, and if we were gone we'd have missed seeing them.
I heard lots of chirping, so headed outside to see what was up..... the father was standing guard because there were a bunch of new babies!

Andy was quite impressed and kept saying "baby... birdie!"
Within hours the mother headed off teaching them to eat, we found them on the other side of the house under a bush.
There were so many of them, the bush was swarming with cute little stripes!

We noticed that one little dude was still at the nest, while the mother and others were long-gone.  Late-hatcher, I guess; he disappeared and we don't know what happened, but Levi assured me his mom came back to get him and he went with the others.
It was actually perfect, in a way; gave the kids one to watch for awhile.
And now the nest is abandoned!  There are still some eggs that didn't hatch, not sure how many live birds there were.  Hopefully we will be seeing them around the yard before long! 
Today the kids were playing outside & Levi was sitting with his hiney stuck in a bucket.  They told me he was hatching his eggs.... I think this made an impression on them.  =)


Bethaney said...

Hahaha Levi. Did he hatch anything? So neat that you guys got to see them hatch and bumble around!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Maybe Levi would like "Horton Hatches the Egg"! :-)