Friday, February 8, 2013

Springy & Bright Tumblers

Once again, barely squeaking by for Finish-It-Up-Friday, with Crazy Mom Quilts.

I had some 4-inch strips left from the twirly skirt, so cut them into some 4-inch tumbler blocks.

Perfect size for a table runner!

Fun with black & white.

Very cheerful spring colors.

I like this picture, but obviously had a setting wrong for outside- it looks a little washed out.

All rolled up.

With the rest of the tiny scraps, I made a coordinating pot-holder.

Just happened to have matching fabrics for the backing and binding in my stash, and big enough scraps of batting; so handy!

Realized I never posted about the twirly skirt, so here it is:

Five different prints cut into 6.5 inch tumbler blocks, for Breanna.

Look at all those ruffles, it's awesome for twirling!
I thought it would be a nice & quick project, but it didn't turn out that way.  I love the way it turned out, though, so worth it.  There are 70 tumbler blocks in all!  I serged them as I went- so it will wash & wear well- no fraying.

Now off to bed at 9:15 on Friday night.  Yup, must be getting old.  But, it will make it much easier to get up tomorrow and get lots of things accomplished!

Have a great weekend!


Glinda ♥ said...

Lovely work, Lisa and the colours on the tumble quilt are stunning. Glad I popped over from Crazy Mom Quilts :)

tubakk said...

So fun with the wavy ends on this table runner. I like your colours too.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What an AWESOME skirt! Have fun twirling, Breanna!

Andy said...

Lovely colors! Seeing your potholder makes me want to make myself some new ones :)

Found you through Crazy Mom Quilts

Shay said...

Oh my goodness Lisa- I love that skirt! Its full of twirly goodness.

Ellie Q said...

Great skirt! And I love what you did with the leftovers!

Hasnah Ahmad said...

love your post dear, you are great thanks for sharing.