Thursday, March 10, 2011


These are all things I worked on last week, but didn't get time to post.
Some coffee-themed pot-holders for a friend.
And the backs.
A coffee-themed apron.
And one for her daughter to match.
Some chicken-themed pot-holders for another friend who loves chickens.

After I quilted the first one with lines, I tried some chicken-wire!  Definately need some more practice, but it was fun.  I've decided I may like chickens also!
A handy little sack for storing plastic grocery bags for re-use.
I actually found this Fat Quarter at the second-hand store, and used the extra from this for the pot-holders.
A while back I got this Fat Quarter bundle, unsure of exactly what to do with it.  Since we found out last week that we are expecting again, it made me want to start sewing some more baby quilts!
I went thru my stash/scraps and found some coordinating fabrics.
And this FQ gave me the idea to try making some road.  I was so disappointed to only have enough gray to make a small strip, it was so much fun!  I think I may have to get some more before I'm done.
Added a little green grass...
I really don't know where this quilt is going; I made some stop-signs and a traffic light, not sure yet how it's all going to fit together.

We've been hit with an aweful flu here, and the kids seemed to get it the worst.
Andy is quite tired of seeing "the pot" stuck in front of his face, and finally quit puking last night.  I've sat and held him all day long for 3 days now, so hoping he's back to chipper by tomorrow morning!
Both boys usually have lots of energy, but it's been lacking severely.  We've had 3 beautiful days this week, all of which were spent cooped up in the house.  It's overcast, windy, and rainy today; so hopefully we will have a pretty weekend once we're over this.
I've been wanting to sew so badly, maybe will get a chance during Andy's nap today.  With the amount of washing going on due to sickness, we've sure been appreciating all these cozy quilts laying around!  They are all taking turns in the washing machine.

Hope you've had a wonderful week!


Shay said...

Love the quilt Lisa. I dont know where it will end up but it's already looking seriously fabulous.

Hope all your little people stop puking soon. While it's not fun for them it's less fun for the person looking after them !

KatieB said...

Oh no! I hope that you all get better soon (and that you avoid it!).

I LOVE the coffee themed potholders and aprons. Where do you find the small panels for the potholders? The chickens are very cute, too! What do you put inbetween to protect against the heat?

Can't wait to see the finished'll be awesome, as usual.

Mom and I were chatting about you a bit this weekend while we were on our shopping trip. She's VERY impressed with all that you do! :)

Take care!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Cute "chicken wire" quilting! Hope the sickness leaves soon!

marla said...

Love the coffee themeed items and a great baby quilt. So sorry your kiddos got the flu as that is NEVER fun for mothers to endure. Hope it is gone soon!!

Twila said...

HEY! Where's my comment?? I can't believe it's not here. Congrats on expecting again!!!! I also can't believe no one has commented on that, but maybe they already knew? when are you due?

HDavis said...

Lisa, I wish I had even an ounce of your creativity!! I love the ideas for the baby quilt!! And of course, I love the chicken AND coffee potholders, etc. And the apron...adorable!!