Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A finish and a beginning

The pink and green quilt is finally complete.  A few days ago I wanted so badly to start a new project (a couple of them, actually), but I knew I had to finish this now or it may never get done.
After completing the top I had to iron it, cut off the points, and it took forever to get it on the quilting machine and quilted.  All I did was stippling; I wanted it to be really crinkly, and it's huge!
(before shrinking: 92 x 113inches).
This is what we had before, it's actually one I made about 10 years ago and is just tied.  It has polyester batting too, and is so comfy and warm.  It was all out of scraps, I'm trying to be a little more creative with my scrap usage lately.  I do still love it, though.
When I finished it last night, my arms were aching.  So nice to sleep under it!

While I was finishing, Tyler took the piano apart to clean and repair it.  I was not aware that he knew how to do this sort of thing, but it appears as though his first try is working out.   
It seems to be a good piano, though I've never heard that name before.
And considering the age.
I must say it was a little unsettling to come into the living room and find this. 
He cleaned each key with rubbing alcohol.
There are some matching little boys here today.
And they seem to be happy about it!
Hamming it up for the camera.
Could mean trouble in a few years!  =)
And there's soon to be a wonderful aroma in the house.
Has anyone tried making the bread?  I forgot to mention that when you form the loaves it is very sticky dough, and a mound of flour is helpful to work in.  Or you can spray your hands with cooking spray to keep it from sticking to you.


Lisa said...

Lots of complaints that people can't leave comments, so I'm trying. =)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I know Evan's Aunt Diana made it-- I wasn't there when she made it, but I had a piece, and it was delicious! And I definitely would have been freaking out if I had seen the piano in that many parts! Kind of a cool thing to learn about, though. Glad you got the quilt done, what a huge job!

Ellie Mae said...

Love the quilt. I know the feeling of wanting to start another project but forcing yourself to finish the one you got going first. Been there many times. The little boys look like the two little farmers that use to be a poster that said You been farming long? The bread looks delicious. I will have to get busy and make some here tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shay said...

I've been so busy with work it's a miracle I have time to eat...thats my excuse for no bread making...

LOVE the quilt. It's so beautiful I want to run off and make one right now!

Yes a piano in pieces would have given me quite a shock too.

billieq said...

Yes, like others, LOVE the quilt in fact it's beautiful. So glad you included the picture of it on the quiting machine---I've never seen one at least not in use so was educational. I'm not into quilting myself but love the finished products as you well know. Loved the little "Poster Boys" too. They are a happy pair I'll say that for them. Keep up the good work.

Alma said...

Congrats on finishing your huge quilt! It looks very cozy and warm! The finish date is well ahead of Feb. 14, 2012!!

Sue said...

Lisa I tried the bread and yes it was very sticky, but the end product was worth it. It did not take two of long to eat two loaves and froze the rest. I sure will try it again.
I love the quilt, the work that goes into one of those quilts is something to be very proud of. Keep up the great job. I love the pictures you have posted and the boys look so great together.

Don&Nancy said...

Just took it out of the oven! Love it.. its sticky but I just use lots of flour to work with it and it always comes out good! thanks for sharing!

Calysta said...

Hi! I don't know if you'll even see this -- or remember me! -- From Parma. Anyway, your original quilt for your bed; is that what you used at convention? I LOVED it! All those scraps were almost vintage looking and so so sweet. It's so cool to see all your amazing creativity!