Thursday, March 31, 2011

Misc. projects

I only did the quilting on this beautiful quilt, but I love how it turned out!  And of coures, the little and big boys in this house when the family was together, all thought it was quite nice.  Great job, Cindy!
She just wanted all-over stippling, so I used black on the border, and white in the center.  The white thread looks fun on the back.
Added a binding to the wall-hanging, now just need to add a hanging-sleeve to be done.  I wasn't sure on the green binding, but it was all kindof busy and too "pink".
It can be used for a centerpiece, also.  Even found a scrap of coordinating flannel for the back.
I bought these quilt-shop fabrics awhile back, and am still deciding what to do.  They are all half-yard cuts, thinking of tiered skirts for Breanna & I to match?  They didn't come as pretty as they appeared online, but I think they'll be perfect for spring.
This little quilt is what I worked on when I was sitting so much.  The top was already completed, I just worked on hand-quilting it.  Not quite finished, so will be great for in the car; but I love these colors and can't wait to get it done!
My hand-quilting stitches are probably bigger than they should be, but I was working on making them uniform.  And I'm not entering a contest or anything.
And this little guy has learned to use the chair in the kitchen to reatch what he needs in the cupboard.  While I was sewing one day, he came to me with a bag of miniature marshmallows..... popping them in one-at-a-time like a pro.

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Shay said...

Gosh Lisa - you've been flat out as usual with the creativity.