Thursday, March 31, 2011

My sewing room

Since we had so much company a couple weeks ago, I cleaned up the sewing room a bit.  When they left and the air-mattress was put away, I really wanted to sew!
There is always more organizing to do, but if that's all I did there would never be any progress.  I love how the serger-thread looks on the racks Marlene's husband made and I got when she sold me her serger!
I finally got the quilt on the wall from the contest, kindof brightens things up a bit.  Tyler made me a great hanging rod awhile back, but I couldn't find the hooks till I organized the notions and such.
This picture makes me think I really need to paint the room.  I have the gallon of paint all ready to go, but with the pregnancy I put it off till next year.  Quite a bit more company planned in the near future, so it'll have to wait.  But don't you think it needs some color?
Kindof embarrassing to show you this since it's so boring & kindof messy, but this is where I work.  And my husband is pretty awesome in another way, he let me use the biggest room in the house for the sewing room!  It's the quilting machine's fault, it's so big that it's the only room it fit in.  After all, what more do you need in a bedroom than a bed and dresser?  =)

1 comment:

Shay said...

That's one of the most orgaised sewing rooms I've ever seen. Im too ashamed to show pictures of mine at the moment. It looks DREADFUL!

Im a teeny bit envious of your frame ..I so want one of my own but have nowhere to put one. (and not a lot of cash to buy one either!)

Yep- I'd paint the room or hang more quilts. Like you Im not into stark white or off white on walls.