Monday, February 7, 2011

Blue Leftovers

I've kept up on my "finishing projects" goal, and this is one of the more exciting accomplishments to me.  It's a twin-size quilt made mostly of stash and scraps. 
I started with this hawaiian-style fabric:
And adding lots of coordinating prints.  The top is all scraps, leftovers, and other small pieces; but I put it with a white sheet to make it go further.  My first intention was a quilt for my mother-in-law, but it turned out nowhere big enough for a king-size bed.  I did buy backing (flannel), which doesn't hold up quite as well but is soooo soft!
When I got to the binding stage, the navy blue that I intended to use was not quite enough.  I figured it would be close, so put small scraps in between each strip; but still needed a strip about 2.5" x 25".  Normally this wouldn't be much of an issue (since I bought this fabric more recently than most of them), but I live an hour from the fabric store!

I happened to go into a small variety store in town that Tyler mentioned had some sewing notions, only to find that they also have a bin of Fat Quarters, and amazingly enough- one that was exactly the same as one of the fabrics in the quilt!  I still can hardly belive it... that fabric was given to me close to 10 years ago.  It is a blender piece, so maybe they just keep printing it over and over?  In any case, it worked perfectly.  The binding is definately pieced, but I love the look.
I love these colors!

For the quilting I just did stippling because I wanted lots of texture.
I washed it for the crinkly efect.  I pre-shrunk the flannel, and most of the front pieces had already been shrunk.  The Warm & White batting definately shrinks, tho; it went from 66.5 x 89.5, to 64 x 85.5inches.
Soon it will be off to a good friend in Alaska.

Grandma Maryn gave us a piano!  Daddy wants to learn to play, Mommy knows a little, and we're all very excited.
Grandpa Jon giving rides on the piano dolly.
And there's a girl in the house that's learning to use rollerblades!
Hope your week is off to a great start!


JKLMNOP said...

I am so glad you are sharing your accomplishments!! Very inspiring! Beautiful!!! and such cute kids to go along!!

Shay said...

That quilt is so gorgeous Im pea green with envy at the recipient.

I think it was fate that you found the exact same piece of fabric you needed to finish it off.

Roller blading , piano playing ! What next?

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Pretty blues! Love how excited Levi is about the piano, I'm sure you'll hear lots of it! I can imagine Breanna being awesome at roller-blading...

billieq said...

Love this latest posting---like getting a long personal letter catching me up on all that's going on in your world over there!

Kari D. said...

Good to "see" you on here too dear Lisa! I can't believe how big Andy is and so full of personality. Miss Brianna is looking so tall! We miss you!!! But Central Oregon is a pretty cool place to live. 2nd to Alaska. ;) I think of you every time I see my quilted bag you gave me (that I love) which is everyday. Hugs to all.

swissmiss said...

Hi Lisa..thanks for stopping by and reminding me to stop by your blog! I admire your them and wish I was so crafty. Your kids look like they pretty much smile all of the time (I know that can't be true but they are adorable). I am also trying to walk every day so I will think of you when I am trying to come up with a new great excuse why not to exercise:) You will inspire me from afar!

Alma said...

What a lovely quilt! I like the way you used strips on the side of the quilt--perhaps they were leftovers?

This adds further fuel to my "yen" to make a blue quilt...

Lisa said...

Alma- I needed it to be longer for twin, and didn't have enough to make more squares. I was hoping it didn't look too wierd.
Clover, it's Andy. =)
Thank you all, if it didn't take so long I could do one of these in every color and really make a dent in my scraps!