Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Labor of Love

Do you ever get an idea in your head very last-minute, and no matter how crazy it seems- have to finish it?  It seems quite a few sewers that I've talked to have this problem quality. 

Last week I decided it would be really fun to make a quilt for our bed (finally; it's king-size and we've been using a queen-size for over a year!)  I decided this would be a great idea late last week, with the intention of finishing it for Valentine's Day.  That's right, a king-size in a few days.  Of course there was a weekend in there where I spent time with my family and didn't sew..... anyone seeing the problem here?  At the time it seemed doable, I was using a simple pattern after all.  But after I finally finished sewing all the blocks together last night, I realized I was borderline crazy.

I had bought some green sheets at the second hand store awhile back, Tyler's favorite color.  Then I went thru my scraps/stash and found some coordinating pinks.  Cut all into 3 inch strips.
The pile of blocks ready to sew together.
All the blocks laid out on the living room floor, ready to join.  Before I started sewing, I asked Breanna if she'd noticed the quilt and liked it.  "Of course", she said "everything you make is pretty!"  Sometimes I wonder if I have strange tastes, but at least my 6-year-old agrees with me!
Next, all the blocks sewn into strips.
And the strips sewn together, top complete. 
Well, it's not actually complete because I need to add one more row to allow for shrinkage, but the end is getting visible!
You should SEE the dent that made in my pink scraps bin, it closes now!  I have never made this large of a quilt before, and am now thinking it may be the only for our bed.  I thought it would be fun to have a few so I could change them out for different looks/seasons, but now maybe not.  Or maybe I just need to wait till there's another impending date......

How did you spend your valentines day?  I asked Tyler to please not buy me flowers till the next day, since they are so overpriced.  So, we celebrated on February 15th!  It may sound silly, but we had a delicious box of chocolates that was 75% off, I got a cute little coffee mug with pink & red hearts that was also 75% off, a boquet of purple and white tulips that were normal-priced, and he even made me a delicious dinner of BBQ Ribs.  Mmmmm, and I didn't even have to cook.  You may think that we are frugal, wierd, or whatever you like; but we actually enjoyed it more than if we'd spent a lot of money.  And do you think we love each other less by ignoring Feb 14th?  Absolutely not.

Now I really need to take a break from sewing, that quilt was turning into labor more than fun.  And did I mention the house really needs some color?  It's quite boring; cream everywhere.  The floors, ceiling, walls, I can't stand it.  We got some pretty colors to paint, now I am going to direct my creative juices in that direction.  What are you up to?

P.S. as far as that bread recipe- no kneading involved (I'm not a bread person, but I can make this one work!), you can buy flax seed whole (then put in the blender) or pre-ground (I get it bulk pre-ground at Costco), and you can use whatever kind of sweet-potatoes as long as they are cooked.  Someone actually mentioned I could try leftover mashed potatoes, good idea!  I'll try and post the actual recipe (it didn't even include them) later, now I'm off to piant with the kids!


Twila said...

How nice! (quilt) How practical yet fun! (Vday on the 15th) I was going to get my co-worker some M&M's but told her I was waiting till the "after Vday sales" ;-) She thought it was great cause she's cheap too!..

Be sure to post pics of the painted walls, I'd love to see the LIFE you bring into it!

Shay said...

Love the zig zag quilt (I have one of those on my quilting list for this year ) and while I've done the "It would be a great idea to make a ...for ....." I usually do it with two weeks to the deadline . The colours in your quilt top are gorgeous.

Your Valentines Day idea sounds sweet - Mr. P bought me flowers on Tuesday but only because he forgot on Monday and thought Tuesday was actually Valentines Day! Wayyyyyy too much hype around V -Day if you ask me!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

How fun to have a quilt that fits! I love the zig-zag look. Glad you enjoyed a nice flower/chocolate day, even if it wasn't on a precise date!

Alma said...

Now I am TOTALLY convinced that you are a quilt-a-holic! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures of the quilt when you get it off your Handiquilter. I would love a close-up picture of your quilting stitches, too--I don't want much, do I?

Sue said...

I love the quilt, and it will be done for Valentine's day 2012! So see you gave yourself plenty of time to finish it.
I love the cost saving ideas you and Tyler came up with. Love is love and really does not have to cost much money.
Thanks for the update on the bread. I will have to try it now.

billieq said...

Way to go Lisa and I 'm crazy about the new zig zag quilt, yes for V.Day 2012 as one comment added. You'll have fun adding color to your walls. I did that to one room a few years ago--a beautiful lavender but decided I was too old to tackle any more. But who knows I too am getting tired of all white walls---keep up the good work. love, Billie

Sue said...

This woman is amazing and very inspiring in many ways--not just quilting!
Click on the following link to check it out:

I hope you can open this. This is one fascinating lady and to see her quilts and what she can do. I love your quilts and know you will enjoy seeing this lady's work.