Thursday, February 3, 2011

An exciting walk, and some finishes

Some pretty flowers from my sweet-heart.  I need to make a pretty little runner for the top of my dresser from Mom & Dad, but I'm not sure what color the room will be yet.
I've been working on finishing up projects instead of starting new ones.  I had some leftover squares from Levi's Quilt, so I made a pillowcase to match.  When he saw it he said "oh my!"  We got an old metal bed from Mom and some bright orange paint, photos to come when it gets warm enough to paint.
I cut out this apron a couple months ago for Laura, the girl who takes Breanna to school in the mornings.  She drives a little blue bug, and Breanna thinks she is the coolest "big girl" there ever was.
Today I put a hanging-sleeve on this quilt I did for the Jo-Ann's Quilt Challenge.  Tyler is at the store picking up a dowel, so more photos later.  It sure feels good to get projects finished so I can begin new ones!  When there are lots of unfinished things laying around I have a hard time enjoying what I'm working on.  But looking at all the blogs and what everybody else is doing, I've got so many new ideas!
I did get the sewing room all nice and tidy (ooops, forgot photos; next time), so I would have lots of space to work.  As you can tell, the boys have been sharing that space!  =)  I do love the little wall-heaters this house has, I can keep individual rooms toasty warm and not the rest of the house.
(Ha ha, I just noticed the roll of toilet paper!  They were using it for tissue as they have this crazy cold that won't go away).
My sister sent me this adorable card, I think she might know me a bit!  Perfect colors and everything..... I'm thinking I need to find a picture frame to hang it up.  I don't enjoy making cards, but they sure are cute!
On our walk today, we got to see the new lambs at the farm we are renting the house from.  They were so cute and frolicky, but I didn't get my camera out for awhile because I was enjoying them and watching the kids enjoy them so much!  There were some little speckled ones too, soooo cute.
Andy squealed with delight at the "cows", I think he needs a little training if he's going to be farming.
Then we fed the mommies who are waiting to deliver.  Watching them walk, or "waddle" brought back memories.... they looked ready to be done.  The kids were quite impressed how eager they were to eat the food they brought.
Andy helping.
What a fun trip.
Breanna loved holding all the lambs, and she was such a good helper that Kathy said she should come back every day after school to help.  She was quite excited, she definately likes this farming life.


Sarah said...

Good job on the projects! I find it so easy to start something and harder to finish. Looks like the kids are enjoying the farm. So cute how willing they are to help.

Shay said...

Your flowers are gorgeous Lisa. Your husband is a keeper.

I think Farm life is great for kids. Seems like your 3 are really getting in to it.

Love the pillowcase ! So vibrant.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What nice, spring-y flowers. Thanks for all the pictures, love seeing your life!