Monday, April 12, 2010

Levi's Quilt, New Books, etc.

I've been making progress on Levi's quilt, all I have left now is the binding.  I did learn something on this that I'd like to share for the benefit of others...... DON'T try the Polyester version of Warm & Natural!!  I tried it for the first time, because I thought it would be warmer.  That might be, but it was a nightmare to quilt!  I didn't like the end result as well as I could, but Levi doesn't notice the difference, so I'll be quiet now.

Here's the back:
Some stitching designs on the back.
and some more...
Front view, as you can see it's a bit distorted because of the batting.  It's kindof stretchy or something, it was seriously testing my attitude!
and more...
Dad was here when I was working on the front, and asked it if came with batteries!
Andy had to crawl accross it and taste it to test it out. 
I love these kids!!  Breanna & Levi used to wear these matching PJ's.
Big sister.
(Yes, her pants say "coffee addict", she made them- and was sure they had to be out of that piece of flannel.)
Some maple leaves on the back of a quilt I quilted for Lucy.
I do all my work by free-hand, so it's hard to get it to look perfect.  I'm allways my own worst critic, tho. 
Last week I sent the pink quilt and bag off to the "Mommy-to-be", but first I took some more pictures of the quilting while the sun was bright.  I love how it turned out!
It's been folded up for awhile so had some creases, but the quilting is so pretty to me.
Last week I also got 8 quilting books on craigslist, for FREE!!  I had to drive to Anchorage to get them, but that was ok with me!
I've had fun looking them over quickly, and now have more projects in mind!  When I got there she said they were all brand-new, she'd wanted to learn to quilt but never had.  Now since she's moving, she's also moving on.  She was apologizing for the one having a messed up back cover.... I assured her that was just fine with me! 
What was really funny, was that while Mom was here she'd showed me this cute little bag someone made for her- she thought I should try one.  And as I was reading thru my new books..... I found the pattern!!! 
Mom's was just 2 pieces of fabric, mine is like a mini-quilt.  And all out of tiny scraps. 

You use two layers and batting in between, it's a nifty little bag!
In the book, it was called a "totable", and can be made in all different sizes for different uses!
What have you been up to in the craft room?


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Very impressed with your maple leaves-- can't imagine you doing that freehand! I love the colors in Levi's quilt-- it's a shame that batting was such a pain. I also really like the asymmetric block pattern on the back of the quilt-- makes it very interesting!

Becky Gonce said...

I love the maple leaves too! Great job!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I think your quilting looks fabulous. (I wish I was so talented ) and WOW you've been busy!

Love Levi's quilt. I had a similar problem when I used a coated cotton batting recently .It felt weird basting it up but in the end it quilt up OK. I'm waiting to see what happens when I wash it.

Amy said...

Fun to catch up on you all again! I can't believe how big Andy is getting. I love Levi's quilt, the back is super striking, and the colors are so fun. You all have been busy, I'd love to come sew with you! And Breanna, you are amazing me with your sewing talent. Have fun!