Monday, April 12, 2010

Visiting Family

Uncle Jared, Grandpa Jon, & Grandma Maryn visited us; and we sure enjoyed them!  And now that they're gone, the kids are really missing them.
Uncle Jared taught Breanna how to text, mommy & daddy are kindof behind the times- we don't pay the extra for the data plan.  She picked it right up, tho, and had fun texting messages to other family!
Unlce Jared also got lots of practice reading outloud.
Lap full of snuggles!
Grandma too got to practice her reading skills.  These kids would love to be read to all day!
Grandpa Jon
He was great at puting Andy to sleep, and enjoyed a chance to relax and do Sudoku puzzles.  At home they are both very busy, and seemed to really enjoy the break.
We had dinner at the Evans' on Sunday.  Once in awhile I ask to have my picture taken, otherwise I wouldn't have any!  =)
Daddy snuggling Levi.
On April Fools Day, Daddy brought home 3 goldfish (leftovers from a prank someone played at his work), one for each of the kids!
Puzzles with Grandpa.
And Grandma helped Breanna do some paper-pieced blocks for a pillow!  (We have now decided it will be finished as a purse, which will get used more).
Breanna at the quilting machine, she used it like a pro!  I was so proud of her when I was watching, she's obviously been watching me- she acted like she knew exactly how to do it.  =)
Grandma also got a try at the machine, and she did a great job- especially for the first try!
She was quilting what we worked on while she was here, it's a quilt for Andy.  She'd made all these cross-stitched blocks before, and we found coordinating fabrics to complete the quilt.
It turned out nice, and the kids all love the bright colors!
Andy checking it out.
He approves!  =)
Thanks again for coming to visit us!!


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Breanna looks so competent running that machine! What a big girl! I'm so glad your family got up, I'm sure the kids (and you!) enjoyed it!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Isn't it great when family come to visit? I don't live near my parents or sister either and I love it when we get a chance to see them.

So great to see a picture of you for a change too!