Sunday, April 18, 2010

1930's Reproduction Prints

I bought these sweet little 1930's reproduction prints last spring when I was visiting my friend Jeanie in California.  I love them, this is probably what I would consider my favorites.  Jeanie has 3 kids too, and she took me to a quilt shop for fun; while she entertained all the kids!  I pulled out a few small scraps from other projects too, and made up my own variaton of what I found here.
The pattern I mentioned before used 10 inch squares, but I decided to use 4 inch squares and make a small doll quilt.  One thing I found helpful, was that you cut all the squares in half to make up the pattern, so I could use up 2 inch scraps with the same result!
One problem I encountered when changing the pattern, was that you cut the large strips by going over 2 inches and up 5, there was no angle measurement.  I thought about how to improvise, then realized that even if I did figure out what degree of angle it was, the angle wasn't on my ruler so it wouldn't do any good to know!  =)  Then I realized that angling my ruler "over 2 and up 5" would give the same angle, only I wouldn't have such a long cut.  Does that make sense?
I cut a couple to see if it would work, and they seemed to line up fine.
I cut them all, without much planning as far as how many I needed (in case you haven't figured out by now, this is quite often how I quilt.... not too much planning, and lots of improvising!)  =)
So far, it looks like the blocks will end up 3 1/2 inches on the longest sides.
I laid out the pieces to see what looked best, and see how many more I needed.
Then I sewed the pieces into strips....
And then the strips together.
Added some borders, and once again found a piece of leftover batting just the right size.  =)
After the quilting, all done except for the binding.  There are actually quite a few projects hanging around here that just need binding.....
But I did get Grandma's quilt for Andy finished, binding on and hand-sewed to the back. (She had to leave before we got the binding finished).
And washed it so it's nice and crinkly, he loves it!
The day we signed Breanna up for Kindergarten in snowed again.... lots of great big flakes!  The kids loved sitting in the window seat watching the flakes come down.
These little ones are really growing up!


Becky Gonce said...

Love those 30's fabrics too...and love what you did with them!

paintq @ clearwire .net (billieq) said...

Just love your Blog, you've done a marvelous job with it -- and also with keeping quilting part of family life so neither one gets neglected. Keeps MOM and rest of the family all happy and involved. Tyler has good input I'll say that for him. I loved the family pitures.