Monday, January 31, 2011

Scraps and kids

When we went to NY for the holidays, I took along some leftovers of my 1930's Reproduction prints.  I think my favorite pattern is the log cabin block, and my favorite fabrics are these reproduction prints; so I thought it fitting to put them together.
After making the blocks I tried some different layouts.
This one seemed to work best.  I do have them sewn together, but since my sewing room is so "clean" right now (or something.....) I can't find it to take a photo.
Then with the scraps of the leftovers (I'm not sure what exactly counts as a scrap, but by this point they were definately scraps!), I cut 1.75" squares and sewed them together for a tiny doll quilt.  I used the machine for the piecing, but the quilting was done by hand.
Once again, I was really getting down to the scraps, and the piece I had saved for backing wasn't quite big enough.  So I cut two lines and added some more blocks.  Now all I need is binding and it's finished, measuring about 14" x 17".  Then I think I'm going to hang it on the wall in the sewing room.
I've been saving some of Tyler's shirts that have tears or the collars are too worn, and that are blues and yellows; to make into a quilt.  I found some soft yellow sheets at the second-hand store that are in great condition, so am planning to use the flat for backing, and the fitted & pillow cases for the top if needed.  I was thinking of a disappearing-nine-patch pattern, that way I can just cut a bunch of squares and then see how big it will turn out.  This will be a fun memory-quilt too, most of these shirts were my favorites.  My mom added 2 of my dads (not shown), and I found a pretty one at the second-hand store for $1.  You have to tear them apart and make them into "fabric" before cutting, so it's an involved process but fun for memories!
This is quite off the subject, but while in NY I took a picture of my "dream house".  Isn't it adorable?  Probably old enough to have no insulation, but I love it.  I'm sure Tyler will be excited to come up with plans to built it when we retire.  =)
To be honest, I have not walked every day; but I have walked quite a few, and much more than before!  The problem is that I am often so busy that it's quite a challenge to just get out, but also it's not very much exercise when you have 3 little helpers.  The big kids like to ride bikes, but Levi has a hard time on the hills and is still a bit slow.  In the end they are all ready to come home and I feel like I haven't done much.  This weekend I brought home a double-jogging-stroller from my mom's house that is in pretty rough shape but should do the trick.  Breanna loves to speed along on her bike, so now maybe I can speed along pushing both boys in the stroller.
We've got a little boy in this house that is obsessed..... with tractors.  I seriously don't know any other word to correctly describe him currently.  The word is repeated so many times a day that it almost makes me crazy, and he can sit for huge amounts of time just pouring over auction magazines that have tractor photos.  At Grandma's we found Uncle Jared's toy from a long time ago.... he loved it!
In our backyard...
I had tried to take some photos of the kids in their matching jackets, but he was not at all cooperative.  But when we brought out the tractor (above), he was fine!  This was the best shot; non-traditional, but cute.
These friends, on the other hand, cooperated wonderfully!
I love these cuties!
Here's a fun one taken inside the night before.
One of Levi on Jared's tractor too.
Speaking of obsessions, mine is definately quilting.  (duh).  Anyway, I had the thought awhile ago, that if I was as crazy about exercise as I was about fabric; I wouldn't have a weight problem.  Hmmmm.  But if I was as crazy about cooking, we'd all have quite the weight issues. (I enjoy cooking, but it's definately not up there on the list).  So, I'm trying hard to be less obsessive, is that possible with fabric/quilting books/ideas?  Not sure, but it's worth a try.  In any case, while trying to organize my sewing room at the new house; I've noticed that I really need to work on stash-reduction.  Then today this blog post made me even more excited about such prospects.  I love reading other sewing blogs, let me know if you have found some other great ones!


KatieB said...

Wow! There's a ton on this post! I might miss a few things, but here goes. First of all...I love the layout that you chose! It's going to be beautiful. I also like that you use the scraps to make doll quilts. I'm going to learn how to stiple soon, and was thinking that practicing on some doll quilts for Emma and her friends would be a great way to practice, use up scraps and make something useful!

Cute pics of the kids! I bet they enjoy being able to be outside w/o snow all winter!! Good job on walking...whatever you can do is what you can do and every minute is good for you!

Great idea on a quilt a month. I have plans to make one lap quilt a month to donate to the local senior center in December. We'll see how that goes! I love the quilt she made...looks super simple!!

I think I got it all! I'm so glad that you decided to continue with your blog. It's such a great way to get to know you...and someday we WILL meet! :)

Hydrangeas to Hollyhocks said...

Love your quilting... thanks for sharing

Tawn said...

I blog hop on occasion and read about you and yours. Life looks fulls and busy.

beth said...

gotta love that tractor obsession! ;) Mine's fabric too!!! What are we going to do??? I guess we'd better quilt!! Woo HOo!!!

Shay said...

Love those repro fabrics Lisa. They sing.

The idea of shirt quilt is brilliant.

Little P is currently obsessed with trains. We bought him a motorised one for Christmas and it's apparently driving everyone nuts at his house.

Cynthia L. said...

Hmmm...where to start. I am a lover of old houses and would easily live in the one you showed. We used to own a house that was 110 years old. I loved it soooo much. I was sick that we had to leave it, but the job called!

Your quilt topis beautiful. I think I read on Mrs. P's blog that you offered to do the quilting for her. Do you do that as a business? I have a quilt I need quilted for my daughter and I can't seem to get the shop here to committ to getting it done in less than 6 - 8 months!

Your children are very lovely and look very happy!

I really like the idea of a shirt quilt. I want to find something nice to to with some of my father's old clothing. I will be watching to see what you come up with.

Twila said...

Cute quilt tops! I like the doll one, reminds me of a darling one at one of the conventions. Some ladies had a fun time doing up quilts back in the day... speaking of quilting - have you gone to the fabric store here in Burns? LOTS of goodies there!! Love the pics of the kids. hope you are well!

Amy said...

Hi Lisa, fun to see that you came back to the blogging. I love seeing your family and what you're up to.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What AWESOME pictures of the kids! (I've already seen your quilt, and loved it then! :-) Andy's glee on seeing the old tractor is too cute. I clicked on the link of the lady doing a stash quilt each month and I love her quilt. I think it would work well with Mom's stash, because it keeps the pieces big so you can really see them-- Mom buys gorgeous fabrics, but not a lot of each one, I think that would work well.