Monday, January 17, 2011

First day walking.

Today I walked/jogged for 22 minutes.  I have no clue how far I went, but the wind was strong enough to make it feel like I did double the mileage!  It was beautiful and sunny, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The path thru the farm-fields was a bit muddy, so I was glad to not have the stroller or little feet tagging along.  I did, however, miss their sweet little voices and chattering.  I also realized after last post that I was a bit incorrect; my height is 6ft and 1inch, and the scale says 222lbs.  I'm tracking my journey, so have to be accurate! 

This is the "worm-snake" the kids came in to tell me they'd found today. It was only a garder snake, but I do strongly dislike snakes.  There were none in Alaska, definately a bonus.

I found a very easy tutorial yesterday on making flying geese blocks, which I have wanted to learn to make forever.  They're simple, but I wasn't sure on calculating them to get the correct finish, and in case you're interested, here it is: Flying Geese Tutorial.  Then I did a search for some interesting blocks using this design, and found something that looked much more exciting.  However........ it involved paper piecing, which I remember now all the reasons I don't like that process.  The block turned out alright, but I think I'll try some according to the tutorial next time.  Here's my block; I quilted it and now need advise in what to make it into.  I was thinking maybe pillow, or purse, any ideas?

Levi said he did this for decoration in the garage.  Made me smile.
These are some Fat Quarters from my sister-in-law Bethaney when we were in NY, she buys things and sells them on Ebay for a profit.  I was very happy to get a good deal that still made her some money, AND not have to pay for shipping!  Our bed is king-size and our biggest quilt is queen-sized, so these and a few more are going to be used for that.  I absolutely love blue & red together.  Very country. These are from the line called "Cottage Romance".
And last but not least, my sewing buddy (photo in Alaska).  Because it let me upload 5 photos!  =)  It actually acted like it was going to do more, I'll have to try more next time.  Thanks to all who had photo-advise!

By the way, I've been noticing something; when I do a blog post, there are usually about 30 or so views that same day.  I have 18 "followers", and usually a few people leave comments, so who are all the others?  I would hesitate to believe that those who leave comments are each checking back 6 times a day.....?
So, I guess I'm going to have to do a give-away to get people to come forward?  I keep running into people that say they check my blog, but I had absolutely no clue!  I thought today when I was working on that circular flying geese block, I could give the finished product away to someone who has a good ideat what to do with it!  So leave a comment if you're intersted, and tell me what you would do with it, and also your favorite color.  I know some are really not into pink, but surely you know someone who would like it as a gift?  If I get enough feedback maybe I could make some others in different colors and pick more than one person!

Edit: I will pick the winner/s on Friday, January 21st.


KatieB said...

Great job on your walk! And on the block! SOMEDAY I'll give that a try...when I'm a bit braver. Let's see...I think it would make a beautiful wall hanging with just a small border and then the binding. My favorite color is purple. :)

I've had the same issue with the blog...lots of hits, 14 followers, so who are the rest of them? Are you using the stats from blogger or are you using something like Sitemeter? Make sure you check the option to make sure it's not tracking your own visits to the blog. The stats page on Blogger can tell you where your visitors originated from (if they came from another blog where you're on their sidebar, etc.)

I severely dislike snakes, too!!

Leah S said...

You might have 18 followers (not me), but you have 23 RSS feed subscribers (yes, including me).

People might come to your blog from google searches.

Some people click to see other's comments. Or to see bigger versions of your pictures (no, I didn't click to see a blow up of your snake!)

So... hi, I'm Leah. I've been reading your blog quite a while now. You're in my favorites folder. :) I find you inspiring, especially with three children. I had my first a little over 7 months ago and now am just getting back into my quilting routine.

I'm glad you're posting more too Lisa, I've missed them... but the beauty of being a subscriber is that I don't have to keep track of your blog for when you post, it does it for me. :)

As for the block, I think it'd make a nice bag design. I love green. I do understand the misery of paper piecing.

Sue said...

I am so glad you have decided to continue with your blog. I do not quilt but I do love to see what others can do. I like green, pink, blue but mainly green. I think it would make a really nice table cover. I have a rectangle table sitting in front of a fireplace that I do not use and I think it would look really pretty there. Ha! I guess I thought of a table cover because the one on there now is one my grandmother made. She crocheted a table cloth using the pattern from a handerchief design. It stared out as a triangle and then she continued until it was a square and then made many squares and sewed them into strips and then into the table cloth. Many many hours, but what a treasure to have. I am proud of your walking/jogging. Keep us posted.

Shay said...

Creepy picture of the snake...ugh. So not a fan .

Love the blue and red fabrics. They are going to make something fabulous.

Red is my favourite colour..although my house doesnt lend itself to much red (except for possibly my kitchen )

Nice to see you posting again and way to go on the walking.

amydee said...

I'm a lurker :) I hop to you off of Katie's blog. Your sewing inspires me. Your Andy and my Trevor are going to be buddies someday :)

Amy said...

I stop by once in awhile and sometimes I even leave feedback! I like the feedback even if it occasionally!

alleykat said...

Hi Lisa, don't think I know you, but thanks for dropping by at my blog! I was thinking of quitting blogging, but once in a while someone leaves a comment, so then a person thinks that blogging is fun again! :)

Angie Rose said...

I'm a blog creeper :) It's the easiest way for me to follow those from Oregon or that I knew up there. I love following your projects, maybe one say I'll be inspired enough to complete one myself. And your family too!

My vote is a bible bag.

Hope all is well for you!

Julie said...

Hi Lisa! This is Julie (Martha & Dave's daughter)... you asked who everyone else is. A long time ago I saw your link on your facebook page and had to have a look at your sewing projects... they are so fascinating, especially to me just learning! So I check your page as well. :-)Haha, I see from above that this makes me a "lurker" and a "blog creeper".

HDavis said...

Hey Lisa....I'll admit to being a blog 'lurker'!! I love to read blogs, and especially love to look at your pictures! I dream of someday learning to quilt....SOME day!! :) -Holly

JKLMNOP said...

Hi Lisa, Fun following!! Love the flying geese block! BTW - if you look under the stats tab in your dashboard there will be a Traffic Source that shows the sites people are coming through!! Lyle Waldo is one of my biggest - I think people use the link on his page to visit my page!

Kylee said...

I read it! thanks for coming this weekend!

Becky Gonce said...

Hey! I've been wanting to do that block for awhile too... but with black background and a rainbow for the geese... Nice to see you back again... I haven't gotten back into blogging... I do sure enjoy reading them though! =-)

Twila said...

Yep, I read it too! Don't comment, but I check every now and then. Don't follow as I'm not into putting my name out there for that, but I do check!