Monday, March 1, 2010


So a few posts ago I mentioned getting organized in the sewing room..... yeah.  As you can tell I've been sewing lately, and yet the organizing never got quite finished.  We're having company for lunch on Tuesday, so I'm hoping to get it finished before then.  I just decided that I really wanted to sew, so put the cleaning off for a bit.

This little boy is still teething and is constantly soaked in drool, but somehow manages to stay happy!  Usually about mid-morning, then again in the late afternoon; I give him some Tylenol if he gets cranky.  But he's quite determined to "do it myself" with the medicine spoon, which is doubling as a toy/teething device!
One thing I've been especially thankful for lately, is happy & healthy kids.  They do make life a bit more work sometimes (ok, lots harder sometimes), but they also make it so much richer!  So often when I am complaining to Mom about something, she'll say "be thankful for what you have".  I've realized this is so true in a lot of different aspects of life lately, thanks Mom for being such a wonderful help!
Oh my.... does he look like his Daddy or what!?!?!?


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

How could any one resist that face!

I have a drooly teether at my house too about the same age as yours. Sometimes I wonder if he's going to drown himself. I dont recall my daughter having a face full of spit all the time.

KatieB said...

Oh, what a cutie!!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Help us, he IS a little Tyler! What a handsome little dude! :-)

Kylee said...

Well we can sure tell who daddy is!!