Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some finishes, and Strawberry Jam!

I decided to catch up on some WIP's, and clear some space on my sewing table!  I quilted and did the binding on the chocolate quilt. Since it's going to a very young girl, I used some fun flannel for the backing.
I wasn't sure about the purple in there, but the pinks were right and the kids loved it; so I figured she may too! This is very bright and cheerful.
And since dollies are important too, I finished the one to match.  I added to what I had before, it's all the tiny and odd-shaped scraps.
It measures 24 x 28 inches, so is a nice size for even larger dolls.
I didn't have enough of the monkey flannel left, so added to it with some more flannel scraps.
I used up lots of scraps on these 2 quilts.... there's hardly anything left because of that doll quilt!  And there's hardly any of the flannel pieces left, I even used up some scrap batting!  The batting for the bigger quilt was a leftover piece that fit almost perfectly, and the batting from the small quilt was two pieces zig-zagged together.
We ran out of home-made strawberry freezer jam this week..... which is an aweful thing at this house!  Mom always made it growing up, and once you're used to it the store stuff is aweful.
I use the lower-sugar pectin, and it tastes delicious. These recipes actually have you put in more cups of fruit than sugar, and once you use it for awhile the other tastes way too sugary.  I also use frozen strawberries since they're always in season, and cheaper.  =)
And while I sewed, the kids played kitchen.
They rigged up this little chair for Andy to join them.... he was very happy to play along with them!
These quilts are actually for a birthday that isn't for awhile... wow.... I finally managed to finish something non-last minute!  =)


Heidi said...

I love the quilts! What great color combos for a little girl.

The jam....ugh, that reminds me that we've been out now for a couple of weeks. We're eating that awful store-bought stuff, and I cringe every morning when I see it. Somehow I just haven't taken the time to make the real stuff. I might try the lower sugar recipe since you say it tastes fine.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog recently. I appreciate your kindness so much.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I'm still in love with that chocolate quilt. Desperately in love.

What's the deal with "freezer" jam? I've never made my own jam . My mum does though and then we go to her place and steal it out of her cupboards ( Actually Mr. P does) If this is something easy maybe I can make my own and surprise Mr. P with my amazingness.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I LOVE the quilt! The browns and pinks are awesome. We were spoiled this winter, when Dana and Marilyn left for Florida, we inherited all the freezer jam from their fridge. Now I CANNOT eat the other stuff, so I need to get my act together and make some freezer jam, since we're all out!

Lisa said...

The freezer jam is very yummy, and also very easy!! I buy frozen berries, let them thaw, chop lightly in the blender, and follow the recipe in that little pink box. Each box uses about 4 cups crushed berries and 3 cups sugar. It's not just ok in the lower sugar kind, it's delicious! Definatley saves on the calories, too.