Friday, March 12, 2010

Log Cabin Variation

Here it is!  It's a variation of the log cabin block, only looks more interesting. It's going to be a baby gift.
I first saw the pattern in a log cabin block magazine I got a few years ago, but when I saw the one made here, it inspired me to give it a try!
I used scraps, 1 1/2 inches wide; so it looks nice but didn't turn out very big.  So far without borders it's about 28 x 35inches.
I "fussy cut" the center squares to each have a cupcake, but I'm not sure in the end it was worth the extra time.  My iron also quit working, so I'm using this tiny one I take to quilting classes.... for now it works.
I used 1 1/2 inch strips, which made it easier; because your pieces go up in increments of 1 inch (you loose 1/2 inch for each seam), so everything could be pre-cut quickly.
When the blocks were done, I had 10 of each type, and they measured 7 1/2 inches square.
Breanna was given some fun quilting pins with "buttons" on the ends, by a sweet lady at sewing circle. Breanna was very intrigued when she saw them, so Biruta bought her her own.  Tonight while I was sewing, Daddy took her to Jo-Ann's to get a magnet to keep them together.  I still have the same magnet my mom got me when I was about 10, so I think it was a safe and useful investment.  =)
I also got some laundry done while sewing today, and Andy was impressed to watch the washer!  It was hilarious, he stared for about 10 minutes, I remember Breanna doing the same a few years ago.

I really need to get to bed now, guess this didn't quite get finished "last night", since it's almost 1am on Friday.  But it sure was fun, and I can't wait to use some other colors!  And believe it or not, my scrap bins are starting to slim down a bit from the last few projects- that is success!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Hey Lisa,
I'm sure you're sick of me using words like "gorgeous" "awesome " "beautiful" and "amazing" to desribe the way I feel about your quilts.

So I'll just say this one "rocks". I love this pattern!

Lisa said...

Oh no, that's great if you think so... just makes me want to try more!! =) Thank you so much, I really enjoy trying new patterns, etc!

Cynthia L. said...

Found your site after reading Quilting in Pyjamas. I think your pink quilt is wonderful. I also think that the photo of your son watching the dryer is hysterical! I am sure he was nice and quiet and let mom do her thing! I crafted with my daughter when she was younger and she still has a love for knitting and crafting. She is not a quilter - yet! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with and hope you stop by my site and look around. I will be changing things soon!

Amy said...

Fun to see what you're working on, Lisa, and keep up on the kids. I loved the look of the scalloped binding in the last finish, and the spiral look of the pink log cabin is great!

Marilyn White said...

Love to see your latest projects, and pictures of the kids. I've been doing some projects while we are wintering in Florida. Have finished a few WIPs and started some new ones! Keep up the great work!

Becky Gonce said...

That looks really neat! I've wanted to do a log cabin...but haven't found the pattern or fabric that just pops...this looks neat though... I'll have to keep it in mind! And borrow your pattern! =-)