Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pillow Cover

Yesterday I started out intending to make some pot-holders, but ended up with a pillowcover!  I dug into my scraps for some that are my favorites, intending for them to match my kitchen.  And since they would match my kitchen, they also happen to match the living room.  The kids loved the transformation of the pillow, even Andy!  In case you're wondering, the original pillow was all white, so you can imagine what it looked like after years of use (including some doodlings of children!)  It was ready for the trash.
For the batting, I actually pieced together 4 strips instead of cutting into a bigger piece, using a zig-zag stitch.
This might explain why I wanted to use up some scrap batting!  This bag is stuffed full of at least 4 gallons of "Warm & Natural" scraps.
The batting was a little larger than the pillow top.  I'm going to make it like a quilt, so when I take it off for the inevitable washings it won't fall apart.
Quilting the front block.
I took the zipper out of the old cover, Breanna was a bit concerned about this, but assured me it was probably ok since we didn't plan to use that pillow cover again.  =)
Added the zipper to the backing fabric.  This is a fun piece sent to us by Shay!
Then I sewed it to the front and serged the edges. One little tip if you're trying this at home: unzip the zipper a little bit before you sew it closed, Breanna recognized that this was necessary so we could flip it right-side out. 
The finished product.
And the back.
And I still have one square for a potholder.
On a side-note, some have mentioned about getting my patterns, but I am not really that kind of quilter.  I see something and try it, just usually start cutting.... and it works. That might also explain why I have so many scraps (besides the fact that I can't throw anything away!), I just buy "a yard of this, and a half yard of that, and a quarter yard of this....."  I can give you a rough idea, but don't really have a "pattern" to share.  Does anyone else quilt like this?


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Andy's little teeth are adorable! And I recognize those scraps from the girls' matching dresses! Pretty colors, how fun to have a "new" pillow!

Cynthia L. said...

Beautiful pillow and beautiful child! Isn't it funny how we start out doing one thing and end up doing another!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Dancing round singing "I sent that to Lisa - I sent that to Lisa"

I got all giddy seeing that fabric. What a rush that you made it into something you're going to use every day. And the whole thing turned out looking so beautiful. You are so genuinely talented Lisa.

I plan everything with military precision and then still stress about every stitch!