Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A very productive day!

 This morning Miss B woke up and could barely talk, she was very hoarse and coughing quite a bit.  So no, we didn't have company for lunch; and yes, it appears the others of us are getting it now.  Daddy is almost done with it, so he got to go back to work.  I didn't expect to do much besides soothe sick children, but it turned out quite different! Breanna and I got dressed, but the boys enjoyed staying in PJ's. Breanna sipped water all day like a pro, and went thru quite a few cough drops.  But she was very pleasant!  I did say after lunch that she should probably take a nap since she'd been yawning, but she said she wasn't tired.  Less than 5 mins later, she was sacked out on the recliner and snoring!  =)

Have you ever seen one of these? It's just like a Moda Jelly Roll, only half the size, and a much smaller price!  I got two of them last fall with 50% off coupons at JoAnn's, so together I spent $10 on them, when a normal Jelly Roll at the local quilt store would have been $35!! In other words, by purchasing two, to equal the normal Jelly Roll size, I pad less than 1/3 the price.  And it is very nice fabric- both pretty, and also feels nice!
When you unroll it, this is what you get: 20 coordinating strips, each 2 1/2 inches wide.
I hadn't used them till now since I love the prints and wanted to make the "perfect something" from them. Yesterday I broke into them without too much plan, after all- it's just fabric!
This is the center of my first block:
And the rest, with borders:
And closer:
I used the scrappy little pieces to make a doll quilt (I still need to add the pink border fabric):
And I saved some strips because I wanted to make these (which I found here):

These are some I tried a couple months ago from leftover strips of a Jelly Roll.

They are very fun, and so fast and easy! 
And here's a picture of the sewing room, it's certainly not clean or finished, but it sure did allow for lots of success today! 
The kids weren't as spunky as usual, but they did enjoy themselves.  This is Levi's grader made from Duplo. The kids love to watch them plowing snow at the intersection in front of our house.
Here's another project I started, I think it's going to be called "Levi loves orange".  He picked the plaid squares out of my scraps, so I said I'd make him a quilt with it. There are nine each of nine different squares, any ideas on what pattern I'm planning to use?
When we did the renovation we replaced the fridge, sink, dishwasher, stove, and microwave; what do these all come in?? Very big boxes!!  There were so many that we folded them up and stored them for winter days.  And we got lots of mileage out of them today. =)


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

OMG! Pink and Chocolate. I love that colour combination.

Just a heads up Lisa.Those Moda jelly rolls are around $70.00 each here. You go tyourself some really crazy bargains!

Lisa said...

Thank you, I love those colors too!! I'm going to have fun quilting this one, and looking at it for awhile till I give it to the recipient!
I'm not sure how the conversion rate works, but if the website I found is correct; our $35 roll would cost $38 to you, and your $70 would mean $63 to us! Is that right? Wow, I'll mail you some with that kind of markup!! =) I once got one on eBay for $21, maybe you should try that? Whew, how do you afford to quilt?!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

The aussie dollar is currently buying about 90 US cents, so your calulations are pretty spot on!

How do we afford to quilt? I worked out long ago it's cheaper for me to buy fabric from the US and have it posted over. Example, I just bought 12 yards of material that would have cost me $270.00 here. I got it from your side of the world for $97.00 and that included conversion and postage!

Basically Im stealing your stocks!