Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Just finished another fun project, and it turned out much different than I originally intended... but I like it!  I had so much fun using the pink scraps for the baby quilt, that I thought it might be fun to try something similar.  While looking for white scraps, I found a bunch of 1 1/4 inch strips leftover from something, and I also had quite a few of the pink 1 1/2 inch strips left from the quilt. I thought it might be fun to use narrower white strips, maybe make the pink stand out more.  Only problem was, they didn't turn out square....
I lined them up at the center anyway, and cut the block to square and added some more white.
At this point Tyler said, too bad you already covered that pillow! Originally I planned to do 4 blocks into one, each of a different color, for a bed quilt. (One block of 4 in red, one in oranges, one in yellows, one of greens, one of blues, etc...) But when I came to the "un-square" issue I began thinking what else I could do with it instead!  Added some borders:
I decided to make it into a bag to match the baby quilt. I added some fabric and batting, and quilted it for thickness.
I decided maybe I could use this for myself, I love it!!
I also quilted the quilt, and finished the binding.  Instead of batting I used an extra layer of flannel, it's a lighter but very soft weight (the recipient doesn't live in Alaska!).
And the back is flannel too.
The quilting on this one turned out really well, and it was fun!
There are flowers, leaves, hearts, and lots of echo stitching.
Tied up with a leftover strip.
And they match.
These were so much fun to make, and I love the results!
And yes, I do sew really fast.  Since we're on a tight budget right now and it's safer to stay home, the kids and I have lots of free time.  Now if I could just stay off the computer.....


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

lol...I was thinking throughout this post "Lisa makes me feel really ashamed of my very slow sewing skills".

Your quilt and bag are just beautiful (and you are speedy gonzales in the sewing room)

Cynthia L. said...

Isn't it amazing how you can start a project with an idea of where it is going and end up with something else? I love the bag. It looks like it could really hold a lot of "stuff." The quilt turned out beautiful. I am envious that you can sew so fast and get so much done. I think about doing things more than I actually do them!

Sue said...

Maybe you could become a free lance quilt writer and sell some of your patterns that you have made up. I really like this last blanket and bag. Very clever. Have fun sewing.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Those all look fantastic! I love the large square for the bag best of all but those little cupcakes got me itching to go bake. :D

Mistea said...

Your goodies came out gorgeous. I love how the squares on the bag don't line up perfectly and you adapted the design as you went. Cool how sometimes the work takes its own direction and ends up looking fantastic. Can see why you would have a hard time parting with that bag.

beth said...

love your spiral log cabin. It looks great in pink!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I've nominated you as a beautiful blogger. Swing by my blog and pick up your award here. No strings attached!

billieq said...

Love the feedback you're getting from other quilters! Liked the experimenting you do instead of always following someone elses pattern---they call it creative sewing, that's my gal. Way back in my day of making baby quilts I always put another layer of flannel in for batting. Of course I never lived in Alaska either! But they do wash and dry quick and very soft. Keep up the bloging and the sewing you're great at both. Billie