Sunday, February 28, 2010

Projects for the Table

I bought these fun coffee fabrics last year, and have been trying to decide what to do with them.
I cut some 3" squares and layered them together to make half-square triangles.  The easiest way I've found (thank-you Mom!!), is to mark a line diagonally from corner-to-corner, and stitch a 1/4inch seam on each side of the line.  Then I cut down the center, and ironed them open. I think the white marker is called a herra marker?? It makes a crease in the fabric.  Mom got it for me at the first quilting class I attended, a long time ago with her and my sister, Anna.
There will be little "dog-ears" at the corners, that I cut off.
The blocks were similar to the "Churn Dash" block that has been around for many generations.
Flipping the pieces gave an entirely different look!
I added some borders, quilted, added binding; and now have placemats!
They aren't exactly the same, but coordinate well.  I still have quite a bit of the fabric left, but am thinking of lots of pot-holders.  On the subject of coffee, I can drink it again without upsetting Andy's stomach!  I'm not one of those people who drinks cup after cup, but I certainly enjoy a cup every other day or so.  And I admit, there are some days 2 or 3 is necessary to keep up with the kids!  I'm also the type that likes "a little coffee with my creamer".....  =)
I also made a table-runner from the Vine Creek Moda Scrap Bags that Breanna won!  She is really into bright colors, so I traded her for a few pieces of "big" fabric from my stash. These aren't necessarily my colors, either, but I know someone who may really like it!
For the back I used more of the strips, and used the green strips for the binding.
There were still some pieces left, so I made some coordinating pot-holders.  It's fun to have extras on hand to give away!
And the backs.
Marlene gave me this fun book last year, and I've been reading it quite a bit lately. Both my sister and my cousin say they need new aprons.....
On the subject of aprons, Levi has two John Deere Tractor aprons- and is quite delighted to share one with Andy so they match!  Such sweet boys.  It's adorable how much they admire each other!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

OMG that Vine Creek fabric knocked out some special stuff ! Looks gorgeous. I never could have been so creative with it. Hope the recipient loves it.

Lisa said...

Thank you, again! Some of those pieces were very pretty, and it was fun to try and come up with a pattern! I usually don't use something as soon as it comes into the house, but I love that scrap-bag idea. I'm thinking of getting some more when the year is up, maybe trying some placemats. I love the Jelly Rolls, but they are pretty expensive, I like this idea better! Best wishes, thanks again for sending all that fun stuff.

KatieB said...

Beautiful! I love everything you made. I would love to find the pattern that you used for the table runner. Can you give me the info?

I am so excited to start sewing again. I've got two projects sitting waiting for me. I need a few rainy days! Between putting the house together, working in the yard, and painting bedrooms, there's not much time left for the fun stuff! Gotta make the time, I guess.

Lisa said...

Pattern.... hmm..... I may be able to make one, but I didn't use one. I'll email you the directions of what I did, or post it on here when I get more time. It would be fun from the coffee fabrics too!
As far as sewing time, I learned a couple years ago that you just have to do it. The house may get messy, but you can clean that up later. The kids really enjoy the days I just sew and they play all day with toys! I'm sure we'll all enjoy when the snow is gone and we can work ouside, tho! =)

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Oh,I love that coffee project. The rest are just as pretty!